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Doesn't DGCR have an iphone app?
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I started using 1025 Disc Golf Putting Practice today. I'm testing to see what disc and stance works best. My fist run through was had a different result than I expected.
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I have been pleased with Discasuras but I just use it to keep scores, nothing special. My only complaint is that you can't just start a round you have to select a course.
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I'm about to delete Discasaurus. Too many times the pars have been wrong, so it just gets too confusing. Played a campus course today that due to it being on a college campus starts next to the non-student parking that doesn't require a sticker. Unfortunately, this means non-students start on hole 9. Not a big deal, I adjusted for it, but when I finally got to Hole 1 I found it didn't update my score with the scores from those later holes until I finished, so I didn't know what my actual score was, which was also hindered by the app having incorrect pars. Uploading to their site plain doesn't work, no maps, and overall just kind of clunky. Just uploaded UDisc, so we'll see how it goes.
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I really like uDisc+. Would be cool if I could take notes on it though.
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I use Discasaurus and I haven't had any problems with it. I've been in contact with the guys who run the app and website and they were very helpful and promptly took care of the things I needed help with.
As for people having issues with the par being different than what they want it to be... change it. It is such a simple app and it take 3 seconds to change the par or distance of a hole. I've been using Discasaurus for about a year now and it works really well. It is quick and easy to use and I can plug in a score quickly then get back to focusing on my round.
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If you like games, IDisc Golf Pro is a pretty fun and decent simulation of the game.
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Pay up for UDisc. You won't regret it, I use it for myself and I track my friends rounds when we all play together. It keeps track of ALL your stats so it's a great reference to monitor your improvements.
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I bought UDisc+ to test on my wife's original Nexus 7 and had nothing but trouble with it. It kept re-setting my round randomly and setting all previous hole scores to the par for that hole while playing.

I e-mailed the author and went back and forth when him over a period of a couple weeks and neither he nor I could solve the problem (I have an extensive IT and programming background). Tried removing/reinstalling, clearing data, upgrading to Android 4.3, everything...

A week or so ago I bought one of the new Nexus 7's for myself and installed UDisc+ on the new device and it has worked flawlessly from the start! Neither I nor the developer can find what the problem is on the older device but for now it's what I'm using.
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Easy Scorecard Pro is the best scorecard app out there for Android. It's very consistent with the pars and hole distances. It even will give you the address and directions to the course.
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