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Originally Posted by knave View Post
Weigh your disc new, and then after it is beat in. You would be surprised how little difference there is. The nicks "rearrange" the plastic rather than tearing it off. More plastic would be lost to the disc sliding on concret or asphalt.
^ You're 100% correct. But please, "DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS."
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This is an awesome thread. Who would've thought Nasty Nate would have such a kind soul for mother earth. There goes ole Nasty Nate again, picking up the litter from his plastic shavings outta the tree bark. What a guy.

Spend the time you thought about this organizing a litter pick up day at your home course. Boom. You just did more good than one thousand disc golfers could ever do harm by discs hitting trees.

Now excuse me I'm going to fart in a wine glass and breath the methane back in. I'm against pollution.
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Originally Posted by The Hammer View Post
This is like having half a broken beer bottle sticking out of your eye, but being worried about the tiny splinter in your finger tip.
Ultra true.

If trash is a problem at your course, like it is at a lot of places, volunteer on clean up days. Get involved with your club and organize pick up party days. If you don't have a club, start one and get to work. You can search for microparticles of plastic if you want or you can concentrate on bigger problems, like most people do.

I almost always carry a plastic bag stuffed in my DG bag and when I'm on the course I pick stuff up and stick it in the bag until I can either throw it away or pack it out.

In reality, DG is one of the most environmentally friendly sports you can participate in. Equipment is minimal, environmental impact is also usually minimal or can actually be positive when people plant trees and work to prevent erosion. Think of all the equipment needed to build a baseball field or basketball court or all the crazy resurfacing of acres of land to build a golf course and compare it to people throwing discs in a park. I'm not saying don't be passionate about environmental issues, but keep things in perspective.

Lobby your local grocery stores to stop using plastic bags by the ton and switch to paper or reusable. You'll be 10,000 times more effective at reducing plastic waste as compared to all the plastic left behind from disc wear at any given course for hundreds of years. Think about it. Literally tons of plastic v/s an almost immeasurable tiny amount left behind from disc dings. Priorities, man.
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Why does this thread smell of the landfill?

*See what I did there*

Seriously, I applaud the OP's passion, but there are other avenues to persue in the fight for Mother Earth.
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Oh my god, I just realized that as my shoe tread wears off, it's killing the planet.
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Smokers who toss their butts on the ground should be strung up by their thumbs and beaten like a pinata
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Originally Posted by disc qualified View Post
Those bits of plastic can be a problem, but nowhere near the problem that microbeads have become

Wow. We keep finding new ways to destroy our planet.
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Originally Posted by Nasty Nate View Post
It came to my mind that when we hit a tree and chip a disc the plastic is then left somewhere in nature. As we beat up our trusty discs, those little chunks of plastic must go somewhere in the world and this is an unfortunate truth for our game. I never thought about it until now but we all like a nicely beaten disc and this comes with a virtually unseen pollution.

I detest littering and it never crossed my mind that pieces of our discs are out there on our favorite courses just sitting for all eternity. I wish there was something we could do about this and as many disc golfers are Earth-friendly I think we all can agree. We don't intend to pollute with our disc shavings but it happens, regardless. It would be nice if discs were somehow Green, but I have no idea how that would work.

So anyway, I just wanted to bring this problem to attention. During my last round there was trash everywhere on my favorite course, literally within 50 feet of a trash can in most cases. I absolutely cannot stand litter and now I have to disc knowing that little pieces of my discs are going to be stuck in nature forever
Learn better form, get control of your discs, and stop hitting trees.

Problem solved.
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I want some of whatever OP is taking...seems potent.
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This could possibly be one of the greatest threads of all time.

I remember back on the PDGA message board there was a thread about disc golf on death row. This is at that level.

Ironically, I know a disc golfer who played disc golf in prison. They threw Frisbees around the yard and landed them into hola hoops. He was in prison for about 15 months and played in the tournament and won in an epic playoff from what I was told. He has an MPO win (Men's Prisoner Open).

His prize? A trophy made in the shop and 30 more minutes of rec time the next day.
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