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Question Question about stencils and bleeding issues

Hi there guys! I have been playing around with some disc dyeing lately. I started out with Oracal and cutting with an exact-o, and now have a plotter. The stencils are cut perfectly, but I am still getting bleeding. Most seem to be happening around the removed stamp, where it leaves an indent in the plastic. But also in some other spots.

- Do you have any tips or tricks on how to help prevent bleeds
- Are you heating the dye, or using it at room temp

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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When dip dyeing I always go around the edges of my stencil with the blunt side of my x-acto knife. I smooth out all the bubbles and make sure I've pressed the edges down firmly. I then heat up the dye and go over the edges with my finger tips. Right before I dip it (I heat the dye to barely steaming) I clean the disc with hot water and again check the edges with my x-acto, going over any that may have a chance of bleeding. I've had some issues in the past with the oil from my fingertips blocking dye which is why I clean it.

Preventing bleeds is a LONG meticulous process the way that I do it, but I don't get them in the end. The way I see it, you could take the extra time once or be stuck with an imperfect dye forever. Ends justify the means.
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A long lost secret is to heat it up with a hair dryer and press around any spots that may be prone to bleeds. I had a prodigy stamp that was one of the worst I have ever dealt with and used the hair dryer. It came out clean, see "Dead men tell no tales" from Okthroberfest for that example.
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I use the sides of a credit card to really push the vinyl into the little spots where the stamp was. I haven't had bleeds in a long time.

Also what caliber oracal are you using?
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I will second the hair dryer. Of course, you need to use at least outdoor vinyl. Oracal 631 is too rigid to adhere to the logo depressions.
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All of the above. I use oracal 651 and always use a hairdryer over the entire disc, especially edges, with a vinyl burnishing tool. It's thicker and stiffer than a credit card and has rounded edges instead of a card's sharp square edges. Heating the adhesive makes it more flexible and more tacky to really stick in those pesky stamp edges. The only downside is when you stick your vinyl that well it usually requires a bit of goo gone later to get the left over adhesive off.
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