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The official explanation from the PDGA says "can", not "must". As a lawyer, would you say that leaves no room for TD interpretation?
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Originally Posted by jenb View Post
I don't know why you can't imagine it. Just go back and look at all the posts by the self proclaimed hard asses in this thread. The rule, as written, allows no excuses.
As a self-proclaimed hard-ass TD (and probably as pedantic as they come), I would NEVER give an 888 to a player who had a valid excuse for leaving a tournament. Nor would I have any qualms at all regarding changing an initial 888 to a 999 if a reasonable explanation was given (your example of a car accident between rounds would most definitely fall in the category of a reasonable explanation). The rule as described in the oft-quoted article that announced it has two very specific uses which I don't really think leave much room for interpretation or abuse: manipulating a rating or leaving a tournament with no notice. It doesn't really leave a TD much room to mess with players without the TD looking like a jackass (and the PDGA is bound to side with the player in such a situation).

Frankly, having read a lot of your posts at a couple forums, you come off as extremely paranoid about TDs and how unscrupulous they are. I get the impression that no matter how rules are written or re-written, you're never going to get past your belief that TDs are out to get you/others and will just find a new way to abuse the players with any newly re-written rules.
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How many 888s do you think it will take before the PDGA penalizes a player? Beyond the minor, temporary, and inconsequential change to his rating?

If someone is getting in car wrecks between rounds often enough to reach this threshhold, or otherwise incurring emergencies that don't allow contact with the TD, he or she has bigger problems than the false 888s.
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It just really confuses me why they haphazardly applied the 888 to also include no-call no shows. That's fine if they feel that the penalty should be the same and I have no problem with the penalty. However, in their manifesto on ratings manipulation it says they want to study it and keep statistics.

Wouldn't it be easier to have a separate code for no-call no shows than having it the same as something that is completely different? Do they have anything internally to show that it was someone who was called out by their group for purposefully sandbagging or leaving in the middle of a round complaining about doing bad from the person who just didn't show up and didn't tell the TD ion time?

Someone who gets an 888 for a no-call no show whether it is legitimate or not could be unfairly viewed as a ratings manipulator, when it just so happened that they didn't bother to show up the next day and told the TD too late.
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I have put in my notes in the TD report the reason for every 888 and 999 on that report. Don't know if they look at them, but they are there.
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