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Default Hey fat guys!

I'm a big fat guy, and I play disc golf for fun and to help me on my path to losing weight. I generally don't get out of breath except in places when there is a steep incline. If you are out of breath, do you wait a minute to catch it before throwing again, or just go ahead and throw?

I was just thinking about it the other day when I was all out of breath after a hike up to a tee that goes off a cliff. I used to sit and rest at the top before throwing, but lately I've just been hucking it and getting my breath back on the walk down because I don't want to stop.
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If you wanna play good , rest. If you wanna get in shape don't rest
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I'm not fat, but I have teed off while short of breath. In my experience, being short of breath doesn't really affect my throw that much. However, if my arm starts to get tired, my drives get pretty squirrelly. Honestly, I think it's up to the thrower. If you're trying to lose weight, though, you might just want to push through it.
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I would say that if you are playing casual rounds with part of the goal being increased fitness, just keep going like you have been. If you're in a competitive situation, catch your breath and throw the best shot you can.
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If you want to lose maximum amount of weight, carry 2 discs. Do speed rounds.

If you want to get better while being active, rest before putting. Always rest before putting.

edit: I'm fat, I take my time. I have played speed rounds before, but I prefer to have good shots instead of good health.
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I have been, for around three months, playing four or six times a week with a little bit of dieting included, and I am down 37 pounds.

I never really rest, just keep going to my throw a d throwing again, but the drive to hit the chains pushes me, not my desire to lose weight. Pushing yourself to lose more weight or play faster could cause you to burn out, where as playing to get better and lose strokes might motivate you to stick with it longer.

Years of playing at fifty percent effort are much better than one season of playing the game like it is a challenge on biggest loser.
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I definitely rest at times. Having a Simian really helps too.

Of course, I also play 110+ holes whenever I can, so I can get pretty tired.
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I'm not fat... I'm shapes...solo rounds I just plug along at a brisk pace ...taking time to set up my shots without rushing ....but always keep moving I have a strange work schedual so I out on the course at off times so crowds / backups are rarely an issue...18 holes on a course that's 5400 ft Fort Steilicoom n.w. or s.e.) in about an hour and 15 mins
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I played when I was sick one time & I was really out of breath the whole time. It was a particularly hilly course, also. I noticed that the biggest part of my game that suffered was actually my putting. It was probably more the mental side of it than being physically out of breath, but my putting was awful because of it.
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I just played a tournament in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The course is at 7100' elevation and quite hilly. I'm 53, 6'1, and 225 pounds, and I was definitely winded after getting up to a couple of the tees. But the other Advanced Grandmasters (50+) I was playing with were experiencing the same, so we didn't object to giving ourselves a short break before teeing off after the steepest climbs. We never had anyone waiting behind us.

I find that arriving at a tee, reviewing the sign for distance, locating the basket, reviewing what order we'd be teeing off in, etc. usually gives enough time to catch ones breath. But sometimes an additional 20 - 30 seconds is appreciated.

I suppose this raises a question. How do you treat the 30 second rule at the tee? One could argue that if there are no players still on the hole, the first player would have exactly 30 seconds to throw after arriving at the tee. But if others in your group have still not made the climb, or if there is question as to where the basket is, etc., when do you start the clock?? The rules are written in terms of arriving at the disc, so it implies something other than teeing off.

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