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I heard that Stokely threw out his back/arm on a sidearm throw. Is this true?
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Stokely was the only guy I ever remember talking about needing time off to recover physically from disc golf in the 90's. He was cool to watch because he had every throw in the book and just flat-out bombed, but it always seemed to take a toll on him physically. Sometime around '98 or '99 he was at Mid-Am just selling discs; he said he had an injury and couldn't throw. So I don't think it was a one-time major injury. I think his body just broke down from the physical strain of playing all that disc golf. It's a shame; he was by far the most entertaining guy to watch throw in the late 90's.
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He was fun to watch play. Watch and listen.
The audible SNAP when he threw was like nothing I have ever heard before or since. Very loud, very sharp, like a whip cracking

A few years ago he came out for the CO States and on the first day he threw a 1030 round after years away from the game.
Amazing player.
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There was a thread on DGR a few years back titled What ever happened to Scott Stokely. There was a post from Scott back in August of 2011 in that post. Here is that post.

Hi All,

I probably won't get to log back on so if I don't reply to anyone please forgive me...

I'm completely done playing. I have three ruptured discs in my back and when my Elbow goes from bent to straight rapidly it hurts and swells up like a grapefruit. It's pretty gross but still kind of funny looking as well. After about 5 years completely off I tried practicing for two days and going to a tournament last year and even though I loved seeing everyone, it hurt like hell and took months before I fully recovered from it. I won't do that again.

None of this is a complaint though. I got so much from this sport including my final 8 years just traveling around the world playing Frisbee for a living.. When I put everything together I consider myself incredibly fortunate. Anything I'm dealing with now is a tradeoff and if I had to do it all over I would do it in a heartbeat.

My daughter is now 11. Her (Gabi) and my girlfriend Lacy are my life and again I couldn't be any luckier.

Sometimes I wish I could still play. I do live right on a disc golf course and I confess that at times I'll sit at my window watching people play and am very say. Lacy has caught me crying but it really was just dust in my eyes. Again though, this sport gave me more than I could have dreamed of so even though I am sad at times, I still always feel very lucky. I mean, very, very lucky! Also, since my daughter was born I never considered doing anything that would take me away from her so my days of touring were done even if I were healthy

I'm self employed and have worked from home running Internet business for 11 years and this lets me attend all her school activities and participate in every area of her life. This and lacy are my 100% focus.

I hope to get things fixed at some point. My insurance company found a way to not cover any of the things wrong with me so at the moment I'm just living with this. On most days I get around ok. At some point I'll find a way to get it all fixed but even then I don't plan on putting in the time needed playing disc golf to be competitive. I loved my life in the sport but that is the past and now it's my daughter's turn to have all the opportunities I can provide for her to follow all of her dreams. She's a fantastic signer and actress and I think most of my free time in the upcoming years will involve helping her pursue that. She's also a science fanatic with an eye towards space so I'm going to have plenty to keep me busy.

So all is basically good, I have few regrets. I was flattered to hear people still talking about me so I felt I owed it to you to write. I hope every one of you I met I treated with respect because the most important thing I want people to remember about me was that I always treated everyone well. I always tried to behave better than most of the other top pros because I did, and still do, consider every one of you part of my extended family. This is a family I feel blessed to have and this was always the most important area of my game to me!

Thanks again for still thinking of me!

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Wow this whole thread seemed like every post got better and better.

Then I read this post from Eky and it was the icing on the cake Awesome read here.
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A wonderful post you re-posted there.

What I remember about him, besides being very tall and throwing discs astoundingly far, was how easy-going he was. He'd be in the lead group on the final day at the USDGC, with a big gallery and lots of money on the line, and he seemed like he was just having a fun casual round. Even, maybe especially, after bad shots or bad luck.
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I got to know Scott (and Lacy) a little bit as he passed through Iowa a few times in the late 90's. Honestly a great guy, and he really did treat everyone well -- and his on-course demeanor was refreshing and exemplary, whether it was a big tournament or an informal round just playing for play.

One throw story:
He played our weekly doubles league in Des Moines one week, and since I was league director at the time, I rigged the random doubles draw to make him my partner. We came to a 320ish hole with maybe a 30-foot wide fairway bordered by (oak-ish) trees. The branches arced into the fairway to make for a low ceiling. Instead of throwing a low straight shot or a roller like everyone else, Scott looked up, and grabbed for his Stratus. He stepped up and threw this thing on a 90-degree anhyzer -- pretty much the exact opposite of a 90-degree spike hyzer -- up and out of the canopy. It flew in this vertical orientation almost all the way to the basket. It knocked a few branches on re-entry or it might have rolled a bit upon hitting the ground -- if it didn't just buckle in half from the height it was coming down. Crazy.

Imagine the wrenching on your body to throw a vertical anhyzer about 300 feet forward and god-only-knows how high it got. It hurts just thinking about it.

This wasn't really meant to be a thread about Scott, but it's easy to understand how any mention of him turns into that. We old-schoolers are lucky to have seen/known him.
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Has this been happening every Wednesday? This may be my favorite thread this year. Reading what Three Putt and everyone else has to say is always a good read
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Originally Posted by solomon.trenton View Post
try finding an indoor area that has 471' of flat open space. youre talking a military style hangar.
Close, Frisbe Dan set that record on a aircraft carrier with the wraith which was unreleased at that time. He could have thrown farther but as you could imagine was a little confined.
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Thanks for posting, grodney and eky!
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