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Default Ace Race '13; question of ethics

I just took part in an Ace Race event over the weekend, and now my dad and a few friends are asking about going to another AR that takes place nearby. I'm really excited about getting more people involved with Disc Golf; two of these friends have only played once and my dad got me addicted to DG years ago.

Now my question is: since I competed in an Ace Race already, is it unfair for me to compete in another? I know it's supposed to be a 'level playing field' with the proto disc and all. I'll admit, I got very used to the proto-disc near the end of my 2nd AR round, and came VERY close to the basket on many occasions. I never aced or metaled though.

I would love to take part in another event, especially with my dad and some friends, but I don't want to be 'that guy' who's trying to beat the system. I just wanna throw!!!

What do you guys think? Thanks!!
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Wouldnt you still have an 'advantage' if you paid full price and played with 2 new versions of the same disc youve gotten used to?
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Eh. I say go for it. Ace races aren't really the most competitive events anyway.
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Use the 2 new discs they give you. They will most likely fly like your others, but there is nothing unethical about it. You are not banned from Ace Races after playing in one.
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Some people will buy the disc here, or on eBay before the ace race just to prepare. I say you are fine.
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Many people play multiple ace races. Some people buy used ace race discs ahead of their own ace race to try to learn them ahead of time.

Ace Races are meant to be fun, casual events, the slight competitive edge you might have really isn't a big deal.

If you're willing to pay for a new player's pack and use the two new discs you get, you should be welcomed with open arms.
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Also, it's going to be a different course and probably not from the established tee boxes, so at least that aspect will still be new to you. Go for it.
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dude, nobody cares http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AERwgNvgMmc
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i've never heard of a cap on the number of AR's you can do. have at it!
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I've played in 2 Ace Races for the last 3 years now. They're about fun, camaraderie, and throwing new discs - not competition. I also like seeing how different TD's set up the different courses for that particular disc. It won't be the same game, play in as many as your heart desires.
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