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Originally Posted by zgmc View Post
Are you kidding? This is terrible advise. A heart attack does not count as fat burning ability.
My encyclopedia-esque Saved By The Bell knowledge aside, it is not terrible advice. Allow me to provide a more calm response.

Caffeine has proven, throughout the years, to be one of the most effective and safe stimulants. Especially since the fitness boom of the 1980s, there have been lots of scientific studies on fat-burners...specifically, which ones are the most effective yet safe. The two that work the best and have the least side-effects are caffeine and ephedra, both natural supplements found in various plants. Ephedra got a bad rap and in a knee-jerk reaction was banned for sale in the U.S. Most other countries still allow Ephedra. The only way that Ephedra is even remotely deadly is in extremely massive quantities.

Caffeine is not deadly at all. While it is true that the body builds up a tolerance for it, it is next to impossible to "overdose" on caffeine. It is mildly addictive, however (just look at your parents...my dad drink a pot of coffee in the morning...just so he can go walk the quarter mile to the coffee shop and get a coffee.) But it also has no adverse physical withdrawal symptoms. You will crave it, and will feel pretty tired when quitting caffeine, but all in all it is a fairly harmless addiction.

Now, as a bodybuilder and weightlifter, I've used all manner of caffeine supplements over the years. The new prevailing wisdom amongst the fitness community is that the best caffeine supplement pre-workout is a cup of black coffee or green tea. It's enough to helpfully elevate your heart rate without getting you jittery like a solid dose of pure caffeine will.

To say that coffee or a No-Doz pill will give you a heart attack doing any physical activity, much less one as mild as disc golf, is a frankly hysterical reaction. If you are so obese or out-of-shape that disc golf in any form will give you a heart attack, then you should probably see your physician for some alternate weight-loss methods. Disc Golf is a supremely low-impact activity, especially on smaller public courses that don't require 500-foot drives. My 58 year-old father with no right achilles tendon, two shot out knees, a gimpy back and an aching hip and shoulder still plays 3-5 rounds per week in addition to his physical therapy and his gym time. His physician even recommended playing more if his schedule allows.

So the addition of caffeine to a round is really a non-factor. It will bump you heart rate up a few beats per minute and help get you into a higher zone for fat burning. it WILL NOT give you a heart attack. Fact.

Last thing: I am a huge proponent and supporter of DDP Yoga. I do one or two sessions every day. Today, I did the "Wake Up" session, went and played a round, and then did the "Fat Burner" session...and I'm feeling great. For all of us older guys on here, do yourself a favor and get into yoga (preferably DDP Yoga which focuses on dynamic resistance to help you burn calories while stretching your body) and thank me later.
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Disk is a great way to get a workout. Not the same as lifting or running but you can get burnout going to the gym all the time. You can get bored playing the same course too. Change it up to keep it fresh
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Disc golf has got me up and out moving around again.
The courses I play the most are long and/or hilly
It has been very good for me

I just realized that I carry a thermos of coffee when we play in a.m.

Now you need to wear your monitor at a work party, where you have been using a shovel and rake for 4 hours!!!
This is also under my disc golf is exercise umbrella

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I lost about 60 pounds over the course of a year by playing 18 daily holes of disc golf (when possible) and cutting the junk out of my diet (sweets, fast food, etc).

It's not the most vigorous form of exercise, but it certainly worked for me.
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I played a round at the San Jose, CA course yesterday for the first time. Not a lot of shade on that course, and it was 80 degrees. The amount of sweat coming off my body sure made it feel like a good workout!!
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I played a two-round tournament in Pagosa Springs, Colorado this month. Elevation is about 7100 feet and the course is very hilly. I was with two other Advanced Grandmasters (50 +) and we were all pretty gassed by the end of the second round. I'd have liked to known what my heartrate was after a couple of climbs up to teepads!
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From the original post...

Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
For reference, I am 5'9" 154 lbs approaching sub-10% bodyfat with high levels of cardiovascular fitness, so my results are for someone who is already fit. An overweight/out of shape person would have even better results than I did.

I also had taken an EC stack about 3 1/2 hours prior, so the effects of the stack should have been wearing off by then but it is possible that my heart rate was elevated at the time slightly.
Why in the world would you take an EC stack? (EC refers to a combo of ephedrine and caffeine) There is absolutely no legitimate reason to consume ephedrine other than as a prescribed by a doctor as a decongestant / bronchodilator... generally only for the treatment bronchial asthma in combo with other drugs. Pure quackery and bull****.
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I used to be a three sport athlete, and a pretty darn good football player, at a small school level. I was about 210, and ran a 4.7 forty(not like college good, but I was in shape). I could dead lift 500 plus and squat 400 plus. However, after high school I found the competitive edge was gone. I had nothing to do at all, and was not into the friendly type softball/flag football stuff. I ballooned up to 290 pounds by the time I was 22, mostly because I was a partier, and did nothing at all physically for four year. However, I found disc golf.

It wasn't to strenuous on my body at the time, I enjoyed the competitive nature of it against MYSELF. And have lost about 50-60 pounds sense then, I am 24 now. A lot of it had to do with disc golf because I was competitive again, albeit just against a course.

The fact that is was not too hard(on my body) when I was that heavy kept me coming out, and I was still walking 2-3 miles a day( I played at least two rounds a day before getting a big boy job). I think that is the key for heavier guys, the fact that you want to go back out because you don't feel completely exhausted afterwards. After losing 10-15 pounds you realize you feel better, and then it continues because of that. I have lost 8 inches in pants size since then. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I am fairly tired after a day of road trip disc golfing, and instead of going to bars on saturday, I drink a few beers and hang out, then go to bed.

The positives effects of disc golf are a lot deeper than how strenuous it is on the body while you are doing it, It holds a deeper psychological value to it.
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Originally Posted by MarkDSM View Post
From the original post...

Why in the world would you take an EC stack? (EC refers to a combo of ephedrine and caffeine) There is absolutely no legitimate reason to consume ephedrine other than as a prescribed by a doctor as a decongestant / bronchodilator... generally only for the treatment bronchial asthma in combo with other drugs. Pure quackery and bull****.
Wow, another Jesse Spano dude posting in this thread.

Yeah, there are certainly no legitimate reasons to take it other than scientifically proven effectiveness at burning fat and preserving lean body mass when on a caloric deficit. Not to mention, thousands of anecdotal testimonies (myself included) that show it to be effective at breaking fat loss plateaus without further reducing calorie intake.

But a few people took massive overdoses in the 90's and died so it doesn't work. Got it. And all the clinical studies that show it to be safe when taken in proper dosage (200 mg c:20 mg e) are also false. Because someone on the internet says so, someone knowledgeable enough that he doesn't even realize that it is an OTC product and does not require prescription. Got it.

Please people, keep the Reefer Madness out of this thread it is irrelevant.
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The negative reaction you are getting is coming from suggesting that the target demographic (overweight people, high body fat individuals who need low-impact regular exercise) take a stimulant (caffeine pill, etc.) when most likely they're already hypertensive. Additionally, the target demographic of "disc golf for weight loss" will likely be able to easily elevate their heart rate without excess stimulants when compared to someone who is already fit.

I thought your post was well written up until that point, so kudos on that, however your advice ignores lots of medical concerns for the very same demographic that needs to heed it so I think in that regard it is in fact ill informed.

I should note I'm talking about concentrated stimulants such as athletic performance products, not necessarily a cup of coffee in the AM.
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