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What everyone else has said.

Next time you practice pay attention to your routine. Find a routine that you like. Get used to trusting your routine when you play. This will get you through the high pressure moments.

If you're willing to read some books: Zen Golf, Golf is not a Game of Perfect, Golf in the Kingdom. There are more books but I stopped after I read Golf is not a Game of Perfect. It may be the only book you need.
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Make putts at random times.
Putting practice gives you a lot of confidence simply because you're hitting a lot of putts.
However, step up to your practice basket at random times and throw one or two putts each time. This will give you a feel of your course experience.
One putt and then walk for five minutes; wash, rinse, repeat.
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Relax and have a routine. Earlier this season I started out with my putting on fire then I hit a wall and started missing a lot of easy putts. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I was way to intense about it. So, I relaxed my grip, take one deep breath and focused on a routine. Bam! That was it. I'm back in the saddle.
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What helped me was I stopped (for the most part) practicing putts that I'm not making at least ~80% of. Now when I putt on the course, I expect the disc to go in, since that's what I see all the time when I practice. I think that goes to show that, at least for me, putting is largely about confidence.
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It seems you have successfully built muscle memory, now you need to teach your brain to trust your muscle memory. all you have to do is turn your brain off. Your body knows how to put(t) the disc in the basket, you do not need to think about it. Clear your mind, visualize the putt hitting dead center, breath, stay relaxed, trust your routine, and trust your body.

If you miss one, do not question your mechanics, do not start "aiming". If you have been a little low on the bin maybe pick a higher target link and trust your muscle memory.

You have to believe every putt is going in. I know when I am in the zone I am legitimately shocked when a putt hits the bin.
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I used to have some trouble (still do) with this. I realized that while I was "confident", I was still screwing up one large aspect. I would focus on a putt and not realize my putting motion slowed down. That slowing down of the putt would make me fall short quite often. So now I just make sure that every putt is a relatively quick motion. I still focus on all my putts, but remind my arm from time to time to keep it quick.

Of course, if I just practiced more often this would be less of an issue as muscle memory would take over.
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I experienced the same thing. Now when I practice by myself I play Around the World, just like the basketball game. I have specific spots to putt from that start about 8' and range to about 30-35' and I can't advance to the next spot until I make 3 in a row. However if I miss 2 in a row I go back a spot. When I am able to practice with a friend or 2 we play HORSE. Both of these put pressure on each put and I have seen the results in my game.
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50% chance you're going to make it. Just make it.
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Chin up!
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Get one of these. Disc Nation

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