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Thanks curmudgeonDwindle, those were really good points.

Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
1. for now forget about standstill shots. try a one step delivery. this will help you 'get the feel' for the weight shift and timing of throwing a disc much faster.
Yes I have been thinking of this, if nothing else, I get some freshness to my practices.

Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
2. try a modified power grip (fan grip). grip is very personal and the one that suits you will be the one that gives the most feedback/control about what the disc is doing while you throw. grip the disc as if you were holding a small bird. one that you do not wish to kill, but do not wish to escape either.
Nice metaphor. I have used Climo's modified fan grip before, but it was hard to get the pressure on the index and thumb, it was mostly on pinkie and I couldn't feel any pivot etc, but maybe I'll test that again now that I can at least somewhat control my grip pressure (not gripping with maximum force from the reachback...).

Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
3. play catch instead of throwing in a field alone (your child doesn't seem interested in participating). you get more reps faster (more feedback faster) and can focus on the somatic aspect of throwing without distraction.
Yes I should ask for my friends for practice sessions, and I'm going to attend weekly practice sessions of our club through the winter, that should help. My daughter isn't that good practice partner yet as she has a attention span of a one year old because she is a one year old. But she already has a better power grip than me.

Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
4. try to focus on the expression of a quality, such as smoothness, instead of focusing on pure technical things when you throw. it may sound flaky, but the analytical mind is too slow and hidebound to actually control/direct the body well. you will throw much 'better' if you get your brain out of the way. keep it simple.

5. relate the way the disc flies to the way your body felt throwing it. make adjustments. when you snap one over to the right, what did it feel like to make it fly that path?
Good point, I tend to be too analytical type of person and it show in doing things too robotic and powering through without any smoothness.

Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
6. play with others 'better' than yourself, even if you have to pay for it.
I started to do attend the weekly competitions this summer, and it has already payed of as I have learned a lot, not necessarily regarding the technical aspects, but about selecting shots, mental issues etc.

Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
7. be patient and forgiving with yourself regarding the value you place on your results.

Winter is coming, so I have about six months before the next "season" begins and I'm able to see results in full on my home course, so I have plenty of time to improve if I just keep practicing and be patient.

Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
8. pick one midrange mold & weight and practice with that one exclusively, until you develop consistency. this eliminates a large amount of variables which affect your feedback.
Just yesterday I decided to keep working on my Tangent, as it really shows when I'm strong arming it (turns hard). Another option would be Axis, as that seems to be even more sensitive to release angles and amount of spin.
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