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Having a backup of every disc I throw helps me out a lot. I went to pull my yellow M1 the other night in league on the final hole and when I found it was gone, normally it would've messed me up badly. Instead, I pulled out my red M1 and parked the shot 4 feet from the pin for birdie! Still haven't found the yellow one, but at least I won enough money on that shot to pay for another one.
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Immediately upon losing sight of one my mind jumps into how I can afford to purchase a new one. There is the unfortunate addiction to the high that comes from buying new plastic, so after the initial disgust from having to spend time searching for a disc it is easy to cope with the loss because I am going to buy a new one.

However, I have made a very concerted effort recently to drastically cut back on my inventory, to settle with the bag I have, and to not spend money I really do not have to spend. Because of this, unfortunately, I have become far more irritable about losing discs. Two weeks ago I lost a brand new Star Destroyer that I was testing out and after searching for 45 minutes for it in the only confined space it reasonable could be, I walked away with only an unmarked used Champion Beast. Not a fair trade. Four days ago I dunked a brand new Pro Boss into a pond. I know they are not expensive and likely I would not have liked it, but I really wanted to see what it could do before I came to that judgement. I spent 20 minutes in waist high water searching in the only area it could be, and while I came up with a Blizzard Dominator and Z Nuke, both unmarked, no Boss. Financially I came out ahead, but I wanted that Boss back, especially since I only purchased it three hours earlier. In both cases neither of my discs were marked because I was only testing them out and if I did not like them, with no ink I knew they had higher resale value.

While I have drastically reduced my inventory, it still appears that I own a lot of discs because I like to own 4-6 discs of each mold which I consider the essential core of my bag. There was a point where I had over 25 TeeBirds. Thankfully I am down to a more modest 10 or so.

Finally, this is probably true of a lot of veteran players, but the majority of what we throw, especially the discs with the highest chance of being lost, are in premium plastics. What I have endured to save a 12-25 dollar piece of plastic may astound you. Even more interesting is that in all my years of playing, I have only lost five mids and no putters; all but one mid were lost to water. I lose about three to four drivers a year. I better be careful; it is only September and I have already lost three this year, two in the last three weeks.
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Only been playing for 8 months but have only lost one disc.
It was a beautiful Lat Pain, red lava color shift.
Looked for what seemed to be an hour and even went back a few days later with no luck.
Went home and ordered two more Pains. One was GL same color (yeah) and one opto.
While waiting for the disc I started playing with a different disc and the Pain has not made it back in my bag. In fact I have never thrown the opto and thrown the GL only twice.

I thought I had lost a pink River the weekend before a tournament was to be played at the same course.
Went back the day after the tourneyment and found it. I was excited at first but noticed how beat to hell it was. It sits in my trunk and has not been thrown again.

A few weeks ago I was playing a new course with a water finishing hole. My favorite disc disappeared into some saw grass on the edge of the pond. I looked for 30 minutes before finding it. TORE MYSELF UP. Yes it was worth it.

While looking for the pink River I found a Tursas, number on back. Called and made arrangement to have it delivered to him at the tournament mentioned above. When I went back to find my river after the tourney I found the exact same Tursas. Contaced the owner, AGAIN, and made arragements to have it delivered. The following week the owner made back to back (seperate days..same hole) aces with the Tursas.
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Originally Posted by Grungedude42 View Post
Each time I throw a disc, I'm mentally prepared to lose it. I may not be, you know, ecstatic about it, but it doesn't wreck my day. I was really bummed about losing my go-to lime Volt (which I had bought for myself as a birthday present last November right on launch weekend) a month ago. But, now I get to start a new one all over again, and it didn't take long to click with my pinkie.

Honestly, I get more bummed about retiring a disc. I finally put my two ace discs on the wall, along with my first two discs I had back in college. I did replace them really well though, the new ones fly just like my old ones. I guess it's cool to see them on the wall each time I go in the garage, and I'd really hate to lose them. But still, they flew so nice for those two throws.
I never noticed your signature before. Nice take on a weird film quote.
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Ending up playing a round with some random guy last night. He just bought his first three discs. One of which was a Giant. Beautiful disc, a little much for a newb. Just as I get done admiring the disc and explaining to him about Westside. He throws the thing right in the lake on the next throw!. This guy was drilling putts and driving for 400 ft. He said he used to play a lot and just was getting back into it.
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Found a Champ Boss in the river while walking the dog tonight. No ink, no use to me, or most newbs, so I guess it goes into the trade pile. It's good to live half a block from a course.
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I can "only" remember losing 8 discs in my time playing. 5 were drivers and 3 were mid-ranges. 3 were lost to The Woodshed and Whippin' Post... all drivers. 2 were lost to Rockburn Branch, both mid-ranges. Both of these can be "disc eating" courses. The others were lost at various other courses.

I've been bummed at each loss. And each time it did mess up my concentration for a couple holes. Half the time, it's been on an obviously bad throw. And half the time it was an obviously (determined after the fact) bad disc selection. So I must take full blame in each case. I don't like it, but each one was my fault.

Ultimately, though, my losses have definitely improved my game. They've made me think more about shot and disc selection. I prefer, though, to learn from bad throws when I can actually find my disc.

edit: Make that 9 discs... I just remembered another one lost to the Woodshed. And it was another bad shot and disc selection. DOH!!!

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I have mixed feelings... some discs that I've lost have bothered me more than others, but I've forgotten about more lost discs than I can remember. I love finding new plastic to try and replace the gap in my bag... I just lost my main Archon which is a bummer but I have a Crank and Prometheus to try that I think might fill that spot.

Also the amount of time I spend searching for a disc directly correlates to the bother it has on me... honestly I've never spent more than 30 minutes searching for a disc, then I hit my breaking point and give up and I'm at my most pissed (I'm fairly impatient and don't want to spend all my time searching for something I can replace) but I gave up on my Archon after 10 minutes and it didn't affect the rest of my round... bad throws happen and if a good throw disappears I sometimes just mark it as one for "String Theory".
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Like someone else said, if i dump one into the crap i am mad initially about the disc but walk away saying "What the f--- was i doin throwin it way the hell over here for?!" So ya, im more upset about the shot. Its when i do something like leave it lying in the middle of the fairway playin dubs or just throw without markin it and walk away is when i get really mad about it. Usually i realize a lil bit later and someone playing behind me has it and gives it back. There are times (a couple weeks ago) where i just leave it there like a bloomin idiot (a brand new escape) and its by the time i get home or im just startin the next round i play.... then i get in a freakin funk and gripe and curse and ARGH i have to quit talkin about it now im getting angry and disc golf is about happy thoughts right?
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I lost four teebirds in a very short time this spring. The first may still be where I put it, in which case there's a chance I or someone else finds it when it thins out this winter.
I'd had that one for months.

The second was one I found uninked. I hadn't inked it either. And while if flew nice it was a pain in the ass because it was green. I didn't look very long. Someone else will find it.

The third was pretty much new. I bought after losing the other two. Ended up at the bottom of a lake. Heartbreaking.

So I bought one more. I'm not sure how I lost it because the area was not heavy brush but it was dusk. I looked for 45 mins but it got too dark to look for it. Came back the next morning but it was gone.

I've come to the realization that its tough to lose either a new or old disc. In the middle there's that time where you feel you used it enough. You played 15$ with it.
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