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Default Octothorpe 2017 vs other comparable bags

I have some research for my next disc golf bag upgrade. I currently have a Grip C15. I am looking for the following:

1. Carry 20 or so discs
2. Provide more storage for water, towels, gear,etc
3. Great customer service and bag durability.
4. Something that dose not weigh a lot or will "carry" great on my back.

I love the look and bag design of the Octo and the life time warranty, similar to Grip

Not looking for a cart.

Please let me know if the OCTO is the next best thing or if anything else is out there. Thanks
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I tell ya what, those pound bags (octothorpe) are pretty gnarly looking, and how can you go wrong with a lifetime warranty. But, since you are asking, I really dig my UPD Rebel v3 bag. I know they just released the new rebel, so I do not know too much about it, but my bag is stellar, and the customer service is pretty spot on. I had an issue w/the stitching on one of the shoulder straps, and when I called to inquire about it, the service person was completely understanding. I sent the bag back, and got a brand new bag, not even 5 days later.

The bag itself is super light when empty, and the side pockets are deep and hold a ton of stuff. I take my kids discing, and it carries all their snacks, as well as my two 32 oz Nalgene water bottles. The back padding is top notch, and though the disc compartment goes side to side, the weight distribution is not overly noticeable. Basically, I attribute the back padding to taking the strain off my lower back.

Good luck on your decision. Again, those octothorpe bags look pretty sweet.
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For your requirements, the Octo is the best bag out there hands down.
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I've heard good things about the Voodoo Spinal Tap 3. I would pick one up but I carry too many discs so I plan to get an Octo. I hate my ranger bag.
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I gotthe octo for all the reasons you are looking for a new bag. I have had mine over a year now. Best bag i have ever had and i used to be clowned for getting a new bag every 3-4 months.
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Octo is great. If you only carry 20 discs, it will be a little big. Mine fits 14 drivers + 5 midranges in the main compartment plus you get 4-5 putters in the putter pouch.
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Octothrope definitely hits all the items on your list.

Only direct comparison I can offer to another brand is:
One of my friends recently switched from the Lat Luxury backpack to a new Octo. He says the features are about equivalent, but the fit/feel of the Octo is much better.
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I will go against the grain and recommend the spinal tap 3. It has everything you are asking for at a significantly lower price.
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I've owned and used:
DD Ranger, Grip A14, Grip B15, Grip AX15, Voodoo ST3 and Pound Octothorpe. The Octothorpe carries more and feels very noticeably lighter and smaller than all of the other bags I just listed.

Just pull the trigger, there is no better option unless you need a smaller bag.
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The octo is at a different level than the other bags mentioned.

The quality is such that when you open the box and first put hands your bag, you'll understand the price and be happy with the choice.

Unless you can test drive others with your exact setup, and you can afford it, I reccomend taking the octo plunge.

I sometimes carrry 12-15 in my Octo. No biggy, I load the empty disc space with towels and a Gatorade. 20 will not be an issue
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