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Cool Factors In Course Rating

Hello everyone,
I plan to come up with the most accurate way possible to rate and review courses from this point forward. I am looking for suggestions on what the disc golf community feels is important to factor into a rating of a course i.e. course design, fun, scenery, dynamics etc. Please send me what you think is important for raters to be considering when reviewing a course. I plan to compile the list into 5-ish categories and rate using those categories from this point forward. Thank you for your help.
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Once you have the categories that you think are important, take some time to figure out how heavily you want to weight each one. My personal rating system takes several different things into account, but the vast majority of my rating is based on the challenge, variety and design of the holes themselves. Things like terrain, beauty, maintenance, flow, navigation and other amenities etc. can bump a course up or down a little, but those are minor adjustments after I decide the baseline from the actual shots.
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I think you need to come up with your own method to make the subjective exercise of Rating as objective as possible for YOU. Resist a standardized site-wide method/approach to ratings.....just like you would do if someone suggested doing that for determining what good/better/best music or movies would be.

Cut and paste from my profile, here is how I determine what is good/better/best:

I base my "personal addiction factor" on how a given course would feed these desires/motivations to play DG. I go out to play with a pretty equal mix of these motivations over the course of a month :
1) To be challenged by the course
2) To have fun with friends
3) To relax and enjoy nature in a beautiful and secluded setting
4) To enjoy a nice birdie fest

And, then here is what I have determined accomplishes the above:

These are the elements of courses that I have found to "scratch the itch" of the above motivations that fuel my desire to want to play.....and so this is what I rate courses on (my attempt to be as objective as possible with my personal subjective preferences):
1) Holes with good risk/reward - good throws/decisions are rewarded and poor ones are punished
2) Holes that have rewarding birdie opportunities for me. I am a 950-ish player who throws 300' accurately, 360' max
So, almost all holes shorter than 220 are boring to me (unless really uniquely shaped) as are par 3 holes between 370' and 500' (I can't realistically expect a deuce, a 3 is boring, and a 4 is frustrating)
3) More wooded than open - lots of variety of throws required caused by hole shape and topography
4) Natural beauty (Appalachian beauty preferred) and/or feeling of seclusion
5) Multi-throw holes with defined landing zones - good risk/reward on "I'm going for it" choices and multiple options/decision to play them. Since most courses do not have these types of holes, this is added as an "extra credit" to my rating, not a demerit if not present. To get the full extra 5 points in this category, it must be a par 70+ course with great multi-throw holes.
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What they said.

Part of the value of these ratings are that they are a consensus of different personal opinions that average out into something useful.

Ultimately, I consider how much I would want to play one course compared to another, if they were were the same distance away from me. The ones that I would play more often, get higher ratings. I then hedge this a little by considering how I would feel if my skill level was different.
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