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Default Make Me better

I've been playing disc golf for around a year and a half. When I first started playing I only threw forehand. Over the last few months I've been trying to make the transition to work in a solid back hand. I've gotten to where I can throw pretty straight and I max out around 350. I'm pretty accurate around 300 but I feel like I've hit my wall. I know that I don't have the best run up and I'm looking for tips on how to improve. I uploaded a video of me throwing 6 drives each at normal speed and the other in slow motion. Tell me what you see and what you would recommend. Make Me Better!!!!!

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Hey, Glad you found the game and like it. I'm sure everyone here would like to help with your drive, however their is a separate section for form analysis/critique. If you post there I believe you will probably get more help. I believe it is actually at the top of the technique forum.
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You have to realize 350 is not a bad number for a drive, your using the x-step which is correct and everything looks good as your following through. You should have shown us your grip so we can see your thumb position, etc. I remember I used to drive with my thumb to far towards the center and the disc was loosing quite a bit of rotation.
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I'm not a distance maven, but everything you want to know has been said somewhere on this site - chances are it's right here in the Technique Sticky

... just click the links and read.

You want more? Try searching for instructional videos like this one:
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I am not expert on anything disc golf related, except on how to switch putting styles every other week, but there were a few things I noticed. First, you seem to lean back during your throw. Second, your throwing shoulder seems high, try and at least keep it level with your other shoulder on release. Both of these things will help with the transfer of weight and that translates into more distance.
That video is probably one of the best. I will let more knowledgeable people break it down from here.
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I second what KRATC wrote. you seem to be leaning back while throwing. Maybe not lean back, but definitly not lean forward enugh. You also rotate on your toes or full foot and not on the heel like you should.
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