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Originally Posted by MNThrower View Post
A couple weeks ago it was a beautiful Saturday morning and I knew I had nothing to do all day nor was anyone around to really hang out with. I headed up from St. Paul to St. Cloud to try out a few courses. I didn't play them all the way through which may have been dumb but this is what I hit and my impressions:

Millstream (I think that's what it was called) - Played the front 9 and was not impressed. I think the back got to be more scenic and challenging but I was bored of it and off to try something more exciting.

Calvary Hill - Nice little course. Nothing special but had a good variety of different shots. I played almost the whole thing - may have skipped a couple of the open ones at the end.

Riverside - For being an open course this one was alright. I play Lakewood Hills, Acorn, Oakwood, and Kaposia all regularly so it seemed odd that these holes were all out in the open like that. I thought it was a bit of a strange layout as well so that deterred me. I played all except a couple holes that just didn't even look fun here.

Sportsman's Hill - This was my favorite out of the three. I skipped a few on the back 9 as I couldn't find the first few but the rest of the course I really enjoyed. Smaller, more wooded, but a lot of fun and pretty challenging for some of the short shots. I'd go back up to play this a couple times some day.

I really wanted to hit Hidden Lake but was deterred by the reviews here. I've played Kaposia and BRP a couple times each this year and find them frustrating but not infuriating like it seemed people were with this course. If anyone has been to Hidden Lake shoot me a PM with your opionions if you get a chance. It didn't seem like the kind of course to play alone (searching for discs etc) but unfortunately that's how I play more than half the time (even more when I want to try somewhere new or drive a little bit to play something).

So 4 partial courses in a day was my most. I would have played more or maybe even finished out each course but at 1:30 it was over 90 degrees and my arm just doesn't have much more than 27 holes in int.
Millstream really does get good on the back 9. Some elevation and tighter holes. Sounds like that is what you were looking for. Pretty good analysis of the two courses in St. Cloud. I like a few of the holes on Cavalry but some of the others get boring. Riverside is overrated. I can't believe that some people like Sportsman's hill so much. It was very repetitive for me. Sure wooded with some good shots but so many short but not really hard woods shot just got boring.

Hidden Lake is a monster. I wouldn't recommend playing it alone unless it's gotten beat down by traffic in the few years since I have been there. So many tight and winding long fairways. Rough is very rough too.
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I've played 4 a few different times, maybe 5 once, it's all a blur and I lost the key to my diary.
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I think I've done 5 with a toddler but only 1 was 18 and two were 6 holes around Fort Worth TX. Before I moved I took a few day trips to play everything in DFW. It hasn't even been a year and 5 new courses popped up.
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4 on multiple occasions, all 18 holers.
Darkside (Both at the Blockhouse)

RL Smith
Renny (I still hurt from this)
Angry Beaver
Eager Beaver

Day two

Hornet's Nest
Hornet's Nest #2
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4 brutal courses in the longest configuration and it was in 100+ degree heat plus tons of humidity. Two Mile Run Extension, Knob Hill, Moraine, Oil City. I wonder how much elevation I hiked.
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4. A bunch of times 2 times in georgia 2 times in virginia and a handful in north carolina
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I think 5 twice. Cant remember if Ive had any longer trips

One of those was on my 14 course, 16 round, 4 day trip.
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I was staying in Coronado, CA a couple of years ago and I played six new courses in one day:

Montiel Park, CA
CSU San Marcos, CA
Sunset Park, CA
Center City, CA
Camp Pendleton, CA
Olive Glen, CA

That is only 60 holes but 186 miles of driving.

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Default Many

I like to do the one-day trips where I get on the road early so I can be at the first course well before 7 AM. My best was 7 courses in a day in Richmond: Dunncroft-Castle Point, Bryan, Dorey, Gillies, Goyne, Pharoah's Tomb, New Hanover - that's a 9 and six 18s. Probably more taxing was the day I did Unami Creek, Nockamixon, Tyler, Iron Hill and Goucher even though that's two 9s, two 18s and one 27. On a trip to the Lancaster area, I did Quaker's Challenge, Elizabethtown, Angelica, Roland, Overlook Community and French Creek (that's 18, 17, 9, 27, 18 and 18). Of course it's faster when you're on your own on a weekday; surprisingly nobody usually wants to go with me.
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Played 4 new courses in a day on several occasions.

The most holes was probably yesterday:
I drove 5 hours to Waterloo Iowa and played 27 at Exchange.
Then drove to Wildcat Bluff to play 21 and threw several bonus B pads!
I wasted a bunch of time navigating Legion and the 19 holes out there.
Finished up the day playing 18 at Jones.

I sorta played 5 new courses in a day at Lemon Lake!?
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