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Just posted in the other goat thread, Jellystone Park in Colorado has goats there to clean up the DG course. We saw them cleaning up the tee pad on #3 when we were hitting the back 9.

They also will rent you a goat for a caddy to carry your discs for you. Cool course and very fun to play, cant wait to get back out there this summer and try it again, maybe even with a caddy.

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Originally Posted by Rob Martin View Post
McBeth is the G.O.A.T.
2 - 3 Goats sound like it would work depending on the property size and have them on the property during summer months when everything is blooming. They would probably cost less than a tractor, gas, etc. and be more efficient and earth friendly. I will have to say though that when I saw the G.O.A.T. reference, I immediately thought of the movie Waiting.
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We've had a sheep herd clearing Perkerson in Atlanta for the last 3 weeks. http://perkersondiscgolf.com/2013/09/11/sheep-progress/

They have about 50-head out, which is smaller than optimal (last year they had 200). They are enclosed in an electric fence and guarded by several dogs, and they are moved around to different areas each week. They eat absolutely everything green below 5-feet and destroy kudzu. It doesn't permanently kill anything, but knocks it back more than anything else I've ever seen -- like a vegetation bomb went off. In the first photo in the link above, the grass (pre sheep) extended about 30 feet inside the fence line. It does leave everything very prone and makes permanent removal of the stems very easy after they come through. Our plan is to cut and spray all of the stuff after it's been cleared by the sheep so it won't grow back.

I think with 200-head herd they were doing an acre a day, or close to that.
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I think it's awesome......
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Please tell me that they'll eat sand burrs.
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Davidson College uses them to control kudzu. They're awesome. It's amazing how they transform the area.
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This reminds me of a restaurant we would stop at on the way to my grandma's place in Door County, WI. The goats are there to keep the grass roof trimmed (and to attract tourists).

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nah the goats seem to do a better job. Maybe save the fire and roast the goats when they finish. It's probably good eatin.
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I've cleared heavy undergrowth and it blows. I would MUCH rather hire some goats to just come in there and do it. Brushhogs on the back of a tractor work great but that means a big peice of equipment that can't into all the spots you want to get and also big equipment ruts in soft ground that can be annoying. I would much rather deal with goat poo than poison ivy. Poo is just smelly and can be washed off but a rash sticks around for a couple of weeks and is really painful.
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Goats will clear out stuff pretty darn quick. I can't say it's crazy.
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