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Default Help please, RL interferes with my DG game

This will be a sligthly longer story, so please stay with me ^^

I started playing 4 years ago. Before I have been playing Ultimate for 15 years and playing tournaments was always considered the norm. Specialy the national championships and the national cups. It was pretty much expected that you will play those.

I went into discgolf with the same mentality. I strated playing tournaments rigth from the start, and I played as many of them as I could. Specialy again the swiss tour, which also serves as qualifier for international events like the european championship. I improved quite a bit and found myself in leader fligths and even finals allready in my first year playing tournaments. Things got serious...

But I got the blues lately. I have to work a lot at the moment and can hardly practice at all. My back hurts often and I am really nowhere near the performance I could show if I had the time to practice enugh and also have some time to take care of my back. I am at least 10 strokes behind what I was able to shoot last year, on any course.

Also I noticed that I enjoy the casual rounds a lot more. You dont have to get up so early, you can drink a beer while on the round, you dont pay that much money to be allowed to play, the atmosphere is usually more relaxed etc.

So last sunday, when I was expected to get up at 5:30 to drive to that tournament where i was playing SO BAD on saturday that I probably wouldnt even make it into the top 10... After 3 weeks of not more than 4 hours sleep per nigth ( cause work )... I really asked myself why the **** am I doing this ? And since I didnt find an answer I overslept and DNF'd.

4-years-ago me would have so many problems with this, but all I did was enjoying the long sleep and doing a bit of practice in the afternoon. When I wanted it, as long as I wanted it, with breaks when I wanted them...

So how do you guys deal with periods where you can not even bring your c-game ? Where you just dont have the time to practice anything ? Do you still compete ? I am seriously considering a whole year only playing afternoon-only-tournaments for fun and nothing else. Screw titles, ratings and all that stuff, just play for fun.

Not that i did not have fun playing tournaments in the past. I am just at a point in my life where Real life interferes so much with disc golf that I dont enjoy my bad shots any more. Half of my throws are a dissapointment as soon as they leave my hand.

And no, I did not raise my standarts. I played better a year ago, and better than that two years ago. You can look at anything, putting percentages, driving distance, rating, it all goes downhill for me atm because I can not practice my golf and not train my body properly. And I hate that. I can not enjoy playing like that.

I dont know what to do really.

Any help ? ^^
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I ran into the same issues towards the end of the year last year. I played in a couple different regional points series and found myself stressing out chasing points every weekend.

So this year I changed my mentality. I didn't even join one of the points series and only joined the other because the swag alone was worth the cost. I picked and chose the fun events that I knew I would enjoy regardless of the outcome.

I left more weekends open and spent more time playing casual rounds (as well as taking on some new activities like running and tennis).

Now that my DG season is winding down I can really look back on the year. I rediscovered some of the enjoyment of the game that I was starting to lose. I focused more on having fun, and as a result, I had more fun playing. I spent more time at my home course with my league, and I got to enjoy more time at home on the weekends.

I also feel like my game is better now that it has ever been.
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You need to ask yourself.. is this a hobby or are you trying to make a career out of it? It is likely a hobby, so relax, have fun, and enjoy your time on the course. It is ok to be competitive and work on improving, but don't be so hard on yourself. You, like the majority of us, will have to work and will never have as much time as you think you need for practice. Hope this helps, and unfortunately disc golf will not pay the bills... so enjoy the time you have playing it!
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I was use to playing 2 rounds a day and a tourney every weekend and working 40 hour work weeks.

Got a new job and now I work 12-14 hours a day 6 days a week. No sunlight before or after work to play any more and I only get to play on sundays and now I play every sunday. I now play Sunday tourney when I can find them and I really havent lost a step. It nucks not being able to play as much as I want to but real life got in the way and I still make it work.
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