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Originally Posted by Midnightbiker View Post
Right now I am getting reports from the news that a body was found at the Stone Bridge Church disc golf course in The Woodlands , TX.
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I had just finished putting out on hole 18 of a course I had never played, in a city 3 hours from where I live. My friend and I crossed the street separating hole 18 and the parking lot. As we crossed a cop passed by, staring at me and my friend, and we saw him pull a u-turn about 100 feet up the road. We continued to my car and started to put our bags in my car when the cop pulled right up next to me. He immediately asked for my ID, and told me that I fit the description of someone who escaped from jail! Obviously from my ID he realized I was not the fugitive, but the real funny thing is my friend had a warrant out for his arrest back in our town. We both thought the cop was coming for him!
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Played the course at Rice University yesterday, and I was standing near the #4 basket, I saw this about 50ft away, in the bushes:

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Is that a commercial beehive?
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There used to be an old out house style bathroom on the original Hudson Mills course. I don't think I ever saw anyone use it. I wonder if its still there?
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Both strange and cool. I kind of think this was poor planning on the designers part... that poor jet has so many dents. I didn't really like throwing over a war memorial on the course.
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The other day, we were playing a course that is next to a river where there are a lot of dying salmon. The smell is not very good as you can imagine. When we got to a tee that was near the river, we commented on the smell. A homeless woman heard what we said and came out of her tent to say "If you smell something bad, that's probably my portable toilet!" She then proceeded to tell us the story of how she acquired it - that she saved it from being thrown out and she didn't know why because it was a perfectly good poop seat. We didn't engage her in the conversation, but she had us until we could tee off (as quickly as we could). Maybe she just wanted someone to talk to... about her new portable toilet... which she was very proud of. I expect a homeless encounter on this course every now and then, but this was definitely the strangest.
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Originally Posted by DGeno View Post
Both strange and cool. I kind of think this was poor planning on the designers part... that poor jet has so many dents. I didn't really like throwing over a war memorial on the course.
sadly no it is not. But it was a nice staple to the course. It was sort of like that one tree everybody knows about...
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These stories are absolute gold.

Too many homeless stories to even get into if you try and play one single round at the San Lorenzo course in Santa Cruz. You'll leave with at least a few funny and not so funny experiences. I've had good-hearted hobos throw my disc back to me thinking I was playing pass or lost it. I've thrown and hit like 4-5 people sleeping under a basket, etc, etc. No cholos or gang members. Straight up hippies, meth-heads, transients, and blanco-basura types. Everyone will try and sell you heroin or meth... needles everywhere, spoons, condoms... Good stuff Santa Cruz!

This is expected though...

Most weird experience by FAR (...and I'm sure some of you can envision this perfectly) was pulling into the pay to park lot at DeLaveaga @2pm on a Friday. Immediately turning into the first and only open spot to the left of the entrance, across from the permit printer thing.

I sit there for a minute. Eat my gyro, check my phone, get my headphones and backpack all set up, etc. 2 minutes in I notice a flash of movement in the 240sx parked next to me. I quickly glance over and see a tangle of flesh through the fogged cheapo film-purple tinted windows. It was packed that day! The clubhouse was open and there were people everywhere, all over the parking lot especially so my first thought was that it was a mom changing her baby's diaper. I embarrassingly glanced my eyes away and proceeded to pack a few bowls of the sticky green while I waited for an opening on the first hole. Like I said, it was packed. Needless to say I smoked a fair amount sitting there waiting for at least 10 minutes....


It hit me...

The lady next to me had been "changing her kids diaper for 10 minutes?"

I was clearing my last bowl as I moved over to the passenger seat to peer into the little Nissan. Right away I am greeted by the ass of some grody chick with a... you know what... giving her the business. Literally pressed up against the window so you could see.... everything..... Maybe 1 and 1/2 feet from my face. I instantly choke up on my bud and let out a what can only be described as a combination of a girly scream/laugh/yell/choking sound. Not wanting to see more I get out and start walking to the tee but cannot contain myself and start laughing hysterically blazed off my ass.

I thought maybe (as stupid as this sounds) for the first time in my life I was hallucinating off bud and asked a random person to check and make sure what I saw was real. The guy instantly started laughing and taking pictures with his phone. He reported they did not stop even after making eye contact with him.

This was in the middle of a small, packed parking lot, in the most visible spot possible. This was like 3 days ago. Santa Cruz man...
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Dammit now I'm hungry for a gyro...
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