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Originally Posted by Scared_Discless View Post
No uses these anymore?

i got one of those. uDisc has a cool GPS feature that allows you to measure your throws.
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I use either Google Maps ruler to measure the holes on my local course to judge accuracy of the distance, or my wheel to do the same thing. Both are pretty dang close ways to measure. My max D measured officially was done at a long drive competition. Not sure how it was actually measured though.

There is a place near me with multiple soccer fields for over 1000' of straight distance. I use my wheel and put cones down at whatever distances i'm aiming for. Gives me both distance AND an accuracy point as well. I understand my wheel is probably off a few feet for every 100' i go out, but it gives me a close enough estimate so I know "about" what I'm throwing.
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Originally Posted by Scared_Discless View Post
No uses these anymore?

They can be picked up rather cheaply. Take it out to whatever field you have available, set some landmarks. If you need more precision, buy a couple small cones to bring with your wheel and set them out in the field.
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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
If you have a course with fairly open, level holes of about your drive length, you can measure your drives against them. Making the assumption, of course, that they're measured correctly.
this too. my local is often empty and it has one hole that is wide open. i will use that for field work. as a bonus, theres a tee.

and where its not lined off, i do no how far the basket is, which is a little further than my max distance,.
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Originally Posted by Smigles View Post
American football field. Great with lines every 20 meters. Helps judging distance.
Lines every 5 yards, not 20m.
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I throw in a nearby small park where there's a baseball field. There's no outfield fence, but there's space for max throws of 450+ feet. I take a handful of small flags (the utility companies left a bunch in my yard after some recent utility repairs) and pace off the distance, putting in markers at 200 ft., 250 ft., 300 ft. etc.

I've previously measured my stride and find that 44 easy paces = 100 ft.

I find that having the flags lined up at various distances out in the field makes me more aware of my target. Without the flags, I'd just throw for distance, not worrying about how far right or left the disc landed. With the flags in place, I want to see all my throws end up right on that line.

With the markers out there in the field, I practice not only for max distance, but I also shoot for accuracy on shorter hyzer or anhyzer shots.
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Sounds great, someone I work with told me about a football field at a local park lined off every 5 yards.

I have access to two portable baskets that I take out with me.

Thanks fur the ideas guys.
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I use any relatively flat field that has enough room for me to throw. I bought some small soccer cones and a measuring wheel. I set up two cones as the front of my teepad, and from that point I pick a spot on the horizon and start rolling. I usually set up cones at 25 foot increments starting at 150 ft and going to 325 ft.

I also use the cones as aiming points so that not only am I measuring my distance, but I am working on my accuracy as well.
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Mark fishing line at 100 foot increments with slip bobber ties. Unspool in the field and mark with cones or flags.
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I go to a baseball/soccer field. I used a 25' tape measure and measured off 25'. Then I placed a disc down and stepped off how many steps from the beginning to the next disc. Then layed a disc every how manysteps till I got to 100' then 150 ,200 ,250 , 300. So now I know how many steps to 300'. I wrote the steps on a card thatI keep in my bag so if I go somewhere else I can step it off.
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