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Football fields are good for shots around 400' or so (the field is marked consistently out to 360', but once you start throwing farther than that, you just have to guess. GPS apps work, but I don't feel like they're very accurate. If you have a measuring tool, though, you can use that and mark a field manually.
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I've checked a few specific holes with google earth and a measuring wheel, so I know I can rely on them as a check for my current distance with a given disc.

Any field with some landmarks you can use will work with google earth. The field I used before I outgrew it was 480' long from marker to marker, and 500' to the fence. There were specific things across the street I could look for to tell if I threw 350' vs 400' vs 450'.
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From marching band experience, both as a player and an instructor, my 1 yard pacing is pretty accurate. I throw mostly on a football practice field that's only 80 yards long and I can then pace off the remaining needed distance myself. Unfortunately, unlike Mike C. and others, I only need to pace off a about another 40 yards.
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Default where do i throw?

thats real easy
the course at woodland creek park has a - 4 wide teepad - driving range
we have poles (hope to get baskets some day) set at 200' 300' 400'
plus 2 practice baskets set at 100' apart
pic of the teepad
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The soccer field at my local park. Also happens to be a DG course there as well. I have to measure floor space all the time in my line of work so that I have had lots of practice pacing off distances.
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I throw on my old highschool football field. It's only an 8 block walk to get there, plus afterwards there's a Taco Bell across the street. Also, after the field ends, there are several landmarks like the long jump and triple jump runways at 370' and 390', respectively.
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I've used Google Earth before. And I've used the basket from the tee as a guide as well. Of course you have to assume or hope it was measured correctly.

Also I practice at park that has a ball golf practice area. Irons only. It's 200 yards long marked off every 25 yards.
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Originally Posted by SoCal Mike View Post
What's the +/- ?
You gotta think of it like this, the measuring wheel gets thrown off slightly by every bump/terrain change it goes over. Those can add up, especially on holes with lots of hills and humps. The tape measure can be pulled taut to where it will minimize or eradicate any bump offsets.

Imagine you have a hole that has bmx jumps on it. If there's no flat avenue to the basket, you're going to have to go over those jumps with the wheel. The distance would be waaay off. With a tape measure, you could just pull it tight, and it would make a straight-ish line over top all the jumps. This is a very exaggerated example, but it makes the right point.
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Days I practice I head to the local community college and their batting cages/baseball fields/soccer fields and finally football fields. I listed the batting cages first because I attribute any success I've had at improving distance/form to time spent there.
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able measure lots of ways and anywhere. used in landscaping bids and lot size estimation for properties-- its very close to survey tax data generally but you need to zoom in enough to click correct spots as being off in a little area will sway your results the further you are zoomed out.
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