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Throw anhyzer vs. hyzer shots.
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big difference between throwing up a hill from a stance on the downward slope vs a flat tee facing the hill. Your weight transfer will be off throwing from a slanted hillside and requires a more sideways run-up with earlier release and flippy disc. throwing from a flat tee onto a hill is much differenent and the distance as well as other course factors come into play. A shorter 300' uphill then ill throw an OS putter/mid right at it while 500'+ its US and flipppy with a 2nd shot never running up the hill. always throw with the slope of the upward grade.
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I use a slightly under stable disc and hyzer flip it. It allows me to put as much power as I want on the throw and get a nice straight flight up the hill.
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I use more understable molds and faster discs when throwing uphill.

Depending on the elevation you have an extra 20 to 30ft added to the hole just because of elevation.
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Roll it up there!
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Throw anny vs hyzer for uphill? Huh, that doesn't make sense, throw the same shot just throw it higher and more to the left or the right. Shot type is irrelevant for throwing uphill, just alter your trajectory.

A general rule of thumb is to aim your trajectory to the top of the hill and a few feet further right or left and throw a longer disc. If you would throw buzz 300 flat, then get to a 330 uphill shot, throw a teebird or something faster to "club up."
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Agree with most that often, a little less stability than on a level shot is the best bet, if what you're looking for is more distance uphill.

w/r/t uphill shots from an uphill lie (vs. level tee pad...) If you have a good FH or thumber/overhead shot, sometimes I find these easier to execute from an upward sloping lie, rather than BH, which is my predominate.

The best thing is to find some hill, any hill, where you can practice some shots to see how they behave in that situation.
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On some shorter holes with bigger elevation changes it might be worth considering a spike hyzer, too. It's a very controllable shot that's easy to get more elevation on.
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I throw a stable disc with good glide. Been favoring my teebird for a local hole that is 300' with maybe 80' uphill. Then I let my natural poor form take over. It results in a straight nose up high angle shot that zooms right up to the top of the hill.
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Does anybody consider disc weight when throwing uphill? I bag a 150 Champ Leo I only use for one hole that is uphill on my local course.
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