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Default Squall vs. M4 vs. Fuse

I've only got experience with Fuses but I just got a Squall (172, proline) to check out (shoutout to Onemilemore). I'm going to try it out between my Nebula and my Opto Fuse. For the hell of it, I threw the M4 into title for all the Prodigy fanboiz.

Ready. Set. Go!
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None of the above? I used to throw Fuses. Haven't thrown either of the other ones mentioned.

I am currently throwing a few different Comets and a Tangent that is seasoning in well. These seem to be taking care of all my stable/understable needs lately.
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Fuse is much more understable than M4.
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I had a squall, great disc but almost too much glide/distance. Great for if you don't care about going long.

I'm back to using Fuses. More for special shots that need the glide and touch.
Also recently found out that an opto fuse is a badass FH roller disc.
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I've bagged all three of these at different points.

With a little bit hyzer, the M4 is the straightest disc I've ever thrown.
The Squall goes far, too far for me, but it's really fun to throw, no doubt.
I had similar probably with the fuse, less stable than both of the other two, but too much glide, the squall is quicker though.
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The bit that I threw the m4 it seemed a lot faster than the fuse. I felt that I could lean into the m4 a lot more than the fuse, whereas the fuse wanted a nice smooth stroke. I haven't thrown a squall, but being dga is it similar to a meteor at all? I've always thought the meteor fell between the m4 and fuse speed and stability wise.
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Fuse for me! It was like a Comet that felt better in the hand. One of the only discs I can throw 250-300 dead straight and have it tail right (RHBH) at the very end, besides the Comet. Great for finesse shots and annhyzers of all kinds. Perfect step down from a River. Did I mention GL plastic?!!?
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fuse is not like the meteor I had. Meteor is less flippy and less glide.
Fuse you really have to be careful.
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Fuse is smooth and buttery and lovely in every way. Lovely like ponies and rainbows and butterfly kisses.
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I have 4 Squalls in 3 of the plastics in varying weights. I also have an Opto Fuse and sold a GL Fuse.
My 2 ProLine Squalls, 169g and 177g and my RDGA Squall 147g are identical in PLH. My SP Squall has the old sketch basket stamp 171g, has a lower PLH, and is my favorite. Way more glide than the others and holds an anny to the ground.

The Squall's sharper nose profile and smaller diameter make it much better in the wind and for me allows for more controlled distance than the Fuse. I carry a seasoned D Aftershock for the 250-300 dead straight to turnover shots in calm or downwind conditions and throw the Squall for that range into the wind. If I'm looking at something in the 275-325 range I'm considering the Squall depending on wind, line, and elevation change.
Low ceiling shots or approaches that need some skip/slid - Squall.
Forehand flicks with more distance or more movement than the Breaker/Zone - Squall.
Short shot into the wind, a bit long for a Breaker/Zone, where a turn-over would be ugly - heavy Squall.

Thrown with 300ft of my power:
My 171g basket stamp SP Squall is like a shorter River (my 164g GL).
My 177g ProLine Squall is like a shorter TeeBird (my 168g E*).
My 169g ProLine Squall is in between the above.
My 147g RDGA Squall pops up flat from hyzer and tracks right, to the ground. (Hey, like my Fuse!)

For me the Squall just isn't a finesse type mid-range like the Fuse. I think it's a totally different flavor of disc than the Fuse, as in, room for both in the bag.
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