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Originally Posted by Connor Jones View Post
Regardless of my comments, I still agree with this sentiment
I agree with yours too. That was a super cheesy commercial but if they are willing to at least find a guy who sounds like a pro voice over dude I have to think they will put in that much effort to the finished product and I feel that is way more than DGPtv.

Name is cheesy too. What's wrong with just DGTV? Maybe too similar but GripItTV and that commercial make it seem like they are portraying disc golf as an extreme sport. It's a very relaxed and flowing type of sport for me. I never felt the need to rip my sleeves off and scream in the park but I do know some who treat it that way.
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If disc golf is going to be a player in the arena of sports, you will be seeing many people who will market or brand a number of different catch phrases. It's the ones that stick in peoples minds that will come out on top.
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I thought it was a parody. A joke.

If it's real, then… Uhm…
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You had me at "full chromatic splendor."
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Ehh, the tone of that video seemed more befitting an ad for a pickup truck, a skateboard or at least a cool new razor you could shave with.

You know, in full chromatic splendor.
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I thought you weren't supposed to grip a disc very hard
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Originally Posted by Nemmers View Post
You had me at "full chromatic splendor."
That was the line that almost made me wet myself! My co-worker just poked his head into my office to see what I was laughing at. Totally absurd.

However, if I ever get good enough at dying discs to put them on Ebay, you'd best believe I'll be stealing "full chromatic splendor" and using it all day long son!
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