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What Affects Disc Stability? | Disc Golf

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Video Details
Title What Affects Disc Stability? | Disc Golf
Category Instructional Rating
Date 06-25-2021, 08:06 PM Time 6:05
by JustDiscJD Views 1,539
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description Have you ever thrown a disc and wondered, why is my disc flying like that? Why is it flying more overstable, stable, or understable? Well, you are most certainly not alone! A Disc’s flight is determined by so many factors interacting at once, so it’s often hard to fully understand… So Today on JustDisc, we’ve compiled a list of 8 factors that affect disc stability!

1- DISC MOLD (i.e. flight rating system)
2- TYPE OF PLASTIC (base plastics = LESS stability)
3- DISC WEIGHT (lighter discs = LESS stability)
4- THROWING SPEED (more speed = LESS stability)
5- RELEASE/NOSE ANGLE (more nose-up = MORE stability)
6- DISC CONDITION (newer discs = MORE stability)
7- WEATHER CONDITIONS (headwind/heat = LESS stability)
8- ELEVATION (downhill = LESS stability)

NOTE – The opposing stability effect occurs when each factor is reversed
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