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City Disc Park. The best 9 hole course in the DFW! | DGC Review Video

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Video Details
Title City Disc Park. The best 9 hole course in the DFW! | DGC Review Video
Category General Rating
Date 08-18-2018, 12:32 AM Time 6:10
by Black Kite Views 3,744
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description City Disc Park. The best 9 hole course in the DFW! | DGC Review Video

1140 Morison Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76120

Hey there disc golf friends! Thank you for pushing that play button! Today Black Kite is really excited to bring you a new 9 hole course from Fort Worth Texas, City Disc Park! This course was built in 2018 by City On a Hill. It is technically a privately owned course, but it was made for, and with disc golfers in mind! You will never have to worry about the city coming in and tearing it down, plus it will only get better with age! This course is really fun to play as it is a risk reward type of a course. It does have open holes for sure, but there are also tight wooded holes as well! You can find everything you need to know about this course and its events on their facebook page, City Disc Park. They run minis and will host 2-3 disc challenges, and also host night golf too! All of these dates will be posted there. They also are constantly looking to upgrade this course, pro tee pads will be coming soon, which will change some of these holes to par 4’s. They are even going to install seating at some of the holes. They also have a convenient pro shop right there in the building next to the course. The best part about the pro shop is that 100% of the proceeds go right back into the course!
With all that being said, this is the nicest 9 hole course we have ever reviewed, so we rate this course 4.5 stars out of 5!
Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the black kite drone experience!

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ES_Colors Of Light - Gavin Luke

Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
Drone Pilot: Mike Brink
Writer: Mike Brink
Editor: Mike Brink
Voice: Scott Cox
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