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Disc Golf Terminology - PART 1 | JustDisc

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Video Details
Title Disc Golf Terminology - PART 1 | JustDisc
Category Instructional Rating
Date 01-09-2021, 07:47 PM Time 7:20
by JustDiscJD Views 3,312
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description Disc Golf Terminology - PART 1 | JustDisc

Learning disc golf terminology can be extremely confusing, and honestly, even after playing for 15 years, I’m still learning new disc golf terms.

If you get confused when you hear words like Hyzer, Anny, stability, and grip lock, you are not alone! The list of disc golf terminology is exhausting, and nobody wants to simply read a list in it’s entirety, especially when not all of them are important or useful to know.

So Today on JustDisc, we are going to look at some Disc Golf Terminology to help newer players understand those unfamiliar discs golf slang words/lingo.

These words will be broken down into a Disc Golf Terminology series, with each video including 10-20-disc golf terms. For today’s Part 1 video, we will be looking at the following terms:

1- Backhand Throw
2- Forehand/Sidearm/Flick Throw
3- Disc Stability | Overstable, Stable, Understable
4- Flight Rating System |Speed, Glide, Turn, Fade
5- Hyzer shot
6- Flex shot
7- Anhyzer (“anny”) shot
8- Roller shot
9- Turn over shot
10- Fan Grip
11- Power Grip
12- Grip Lock

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Artist: Patrick Patrikios
Track: Know Myself

Artist: Patrick Patrikios
Track: Outside The Box


Roller Shot
Dynamic Discs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFf3EkJmE8g
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