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We Polled Over 5000 Disc Golfers!

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Video Details
Title We Polled Over 5000 Disc Golfers!
Category General Rating
Date 01-06-2022, 01:07 PM Time 24:43
by JustDiscJD Views 105
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description We polled over 5000 disc golfers!

• Throughout 2021, we’ve been polling the JustDisc YouTube community on a variety of disc golf questions. We started these polls to help stimulate conversation and build a sense of community for JustDisc members.
• Now, we expected to get a few hundred votes per poll, but we seriously underestimated the amount of input we received. Very quickly, the votes rose into the thousands, sometimes almost reaching 6000 votes!
• Therefore, today on JustDisc, we’re going to review the first 25 of the top 50 best disc golf polls of 2021 (Part 1)!

A BIG thank you goes out to Acerunners.ca for sponsoring this video. Truthfully, they are the best disc golf distributor in Canada, so check them at Acerunners.ca if you haven’t already!

Ace Runners - https://www.acerunners.ca/

0:47 1- Around what weight do you prefer your disc to be (not including putters)?

1:37 2- What Disc Golf Brand do you carry the most in your bag?

2:38 3- What do you enjoy throwing the most?

3:28 4- If you had to choose one disc golf etiquette rule that's often not followed, which one would it be!?

4:38 5- The FINAL POLL of your FAVORITE professional DISC GOLFER is here!

6:10 6- The FINAL POLL of your FAVORITE FEMALE professional DISC GOLFER is here!

7:28 7- At WHAT DISTANCE do you start to DOUBT YOURSELF when PUTTING?

8:16 8- How MANY DISCS do you CARRY?

9:30 9- What's the FARTHEST you can THROW CONSISTENTLY?

10:36 10- What is the BEST PART of your GAME?

11:20 11- How Many ACES Do You Have?

12:14 12- On AVERAGE, when you go out to PLAY DISC GOLF, how MANY ROUNDS do you PLAY?

13:08 13- Aside from JomezPro, which YOUTUBE CHANNEL provides the BEST DISC GOLF COVERAGE?

14:13 14- When you started getting into disc golf, DID YOU BUY/USE A STARTER SET?

15:18 15- Although against the rules, if your DISC LANDS ON TOP OF THE BASKET, SHOULD IT COUNT?

16:17 16- What is your FAVORITE SHOT TYPE in Disc Golf?

17:05 17- What is YOUR FAVORITE COLOR to BAG?

18:06 18- What is the COLOR of the BEST DISC YOU THROW

18:52 19- Which of the following DISC GOLF BRANDS are you LEAST EXPERIENCED with?

19:54 20- What is your FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR to play DISC GOLF?

20:55 21- What's your FAVORITE WAY to RETURN A DISC?

21:34 22- How MANY PUTTERS do you CARRY?

22:15 23- How MANY MIDRANGES do you CARRY?

22:48 24- How MANY FAIRWAY DRIVERS do you CARRY?

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