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How To Get More Distance | Disc Golf

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Video Details
Title How To Get More Distance | Disc Golf
Category Instructional Rating
Date 06-01-2021, 10:36 AM Time 5:30
by JustDiscJD Views 509
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description How To Get More Distance | Disc Golf

Have you ever thrown some of your discs in a field, only to find that many of them attain similar distances…How could that be? Why aren’t the faster-speed discs going further than the slower-speed discs?

Although there could be many reasons for this, one main contributor is that the disc is being released with its nose pointed upwards rather than parallel to the ground. So today on JustDisc, we want to discuss nose angles followed by tips for how you can learn to throw your discs nose down to get more distance.

Therefore, throwing a disc NOSE-UP will get you:
-More control but less distance
-More stability (i.e. more fade)

Throwing a NOSE-DOWN will get you:
-Less control but more distance
-Less stability (i.e. more turn)

Tips to keep that nose angle down to get more distance

1) Avoid Trying To Help The Disc
2) Keep The Wrist Angle Down
3) Follow Through (i.e. shift weight forward)
4) Pull Through Just Below Chest

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