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Disc Golf Etiquette | The Unwritten Rules

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Video Details
Title Disc Golf Etiquette | The Unwritten Rules
Category Instructional Rating
Date 04-26-2021, 11:23 AM Time 10:32
by JustDiscJD Views 2,072
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description Disc Golf Etiquette | The Unwritten Rules

Since the beginning of 2020, disc golf has been booming and courses have been getting flooded with new disc golfers. Now as amazing as this is, unfortunately, the lack of disc golf etiquette has become a serious problem! It’s time for Disc Golf Etiquette 101.

1) Understand Most Important Rules of Disc Golf
2) Obey Local Park & Course Rules
3) Take Care of the Course/Environment
4) Return Found Discs
5) Let Faster Groups Play Through
6) Avoid Skipping in Front of Others
7) Keep Your Playing Groups Small
8) Keep Your Music to Yourself
9) Avoid the Trigger-Happy Urge
10) Avoid Distracting Other Players
11) Avoid Walking Ahead of a Player’s Next Shot
12) Be in the Moment and Always Be Ready
13) Watch, Help, and Respect Your Playing Partners
14) Remove Your Disc From the Basket
15) Be a Good Representation of Disc Golfers

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