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What is DISC STABILITY & What FACTORS AFFECT It? | QuickTip (JustDisc)

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Video Details
Title What is DISC STABILITY & What FACTORS AFFECT It? | QuickTip (JustDisc)
Category Instructional Rating
Date 05-11-2021, 07:27 PM Time 1:35
by JustDiscJD Views 3,078
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description What is DISC STABILITY & What FACTORS AFFECT It? | QuickTip (JustDisc)

What is a disc golf disc stability and what are the factors that affect it?

Stability – Refers to a disc’s tendency to turn over to the right, fly straight, or fade to the left, during the beginning of flight (For RHBH throws).

Stable Disc– A disc that flies in a straight line when released flat
Understable Disc – A disc that turns to the right when released flat
Overstable Disc – A disc that will fades left when released flat

There are also many factors that can affect a disc's stability:

1- DISC MOLD (i.e. flight rating system)

2- TYPE OF PLASTIC (cheaper plastics = LESS stability)

3- DISC WEIGHT (lighter discs = LESS stability)

4- THROWING SPEED (more speed = LESS stability)

5- RELEASE/NOSE ANGLE (more nose-up = MORE stability)

6- DISC CONDITION (newer discs = MORE stability)

7- WIND CONDITION (headwind/heat = LESS stability | tailwind/cool = MORE stability)

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