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Uploaded By: Mavurick Hole #1 (Taken 2/2015)
3 / 335ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #1 Tee Sign

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Tip #1
5/15/2012   (#1) Tip By: JMONEY
I throw RHBH and choose to throw a Beast in all pin positions here. Release with a slight hyzer. This way I avoid the branches on the right and from hitting the stump right in the middle.

Tip #2
8/24/2015   2/13/2015   (#1) Tip By: sumo21
Pin B (Long): (RHBH) Bigger arms will choose to throw their discs to the right of the stump, just perfect for the overstable to very overstable disc. Weaker arms, like myself, will throw over or just to the left of the stump. The basket is almost in line with the teepad, so if you throw just to the left of the stump, a stable disc thrown flat or little anhyzer should work. It should allow for the disc to finish towards the basket.

If you throw straight, a stable to understable disc might do the trick. Stable disc should be thrown with a little anhyzer so that it can work its way back to the basket. Understable disc should be thrown straight so that it can S-curve its way towards the basket of thrown with less power so that high speed turn is negated and the disc flies straight.

A RHFH shot might be an acceptable shot here but must take in consideration the fairway of Hole 12. If no one is on the tee at 12, the RHFH shot will get the extra needed time to break back towards the basket.

On long, I choose to throw (RHBH), near where the hole slopes down, I throw a 175 Pro SL (10 5 -1 2) or GStar Wraith (11 5 -1 3), also with a tad of anhyzer or flat.

Tip #3
8/24/2015   8/24/2015   (#1) Tip By: sumo21
Your first shot is going to be blind for both positions, but if you walk up the ramp a little ways, you can get a glimpse of pin A's location. The preferred route to take is to the right of the tree. Don't forget that you will have to have enough distance on your disc, for both pin locations, to clear the ramp or your second shot is also gonna be blind. My disc choices are made based on my arm speed. My reference is that I can consistently throw my speed 10 SL around 300-325 feet.

Pin A (Short, to the right of the teepad): To the right of the tree stump (RHBH) requires a disc that will get you the distance to the basket (263-sign) but can finish with just enough fade that will park it next to the basket.

If you throw to the left of the stump, you may want an understable or very understable disc with a little anhyzer. Remember that this is an upshot so you're going to have to some distance to 263 to make sure the disc does not land short of where you intended to throw it.

I have never tried it but a RHFH shot might be OK for the basket on long because the disc has time to come back and a skip might be your best friend. However, a RHFH on the short pin placement might be a bit trickier. If you're playing the skip, it still has to get over the ramp or your second shot might be blind. If it skips, where the ramp flattens out, it might carry further than you want. It might even carry into the fairway of Hole 2.

With that being said, I have had good results throwing either my 150 Star or 175 Echo Star Leopard (6 5 -2 1) flat or with a tad of anhyzer. Both Leopards are beefy enough to finish strong towards the basket. I might even try my Eagle (7 4 -1 3) a little further to the right, little less power than the Leopard and try for some skip distance towards the basket.