La Mirada, CA 
La Mirada Regional Park - Front 18 Share
Uploaded By: timg Hole #1
3 / 305ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #1 Regular Tee

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Tip #1
3/30/2012   (#1) Tip By: thugjitsu
A good overstable disc throw hard and low will just skip all the way there. Even easier if you don't play the left of the ditch as OB

Tip #2
5/2/2012   (#1) Tip By: DocHaole
Anything to the left of the drainage ditch is out of bounds. The drop zone is at the "elbow" where the ditch makes a 90 degree turn. Also the light pole at the corner of the tennis court is a mando, stay to the right. This is to protect the kids in the playground.

This hole is a good birdie opportunity, however the OB can bite you if you get greedy. I recommend throwing something overstable and erring on the side of going long.

I throw a firebird and try to end up pin high with a short uphill putt, this takes the OB out of play.

Tip #3
5/12/2012   5/12/2012   (#1) Tip By: JMONEY
I throw RHBH and use a Firebird especially if there is a headwind, keeping it low to avoid the low ceiling from the left with a slight hyzer. An understable disc thrown here could land you in the water! Try and refrain from using sidewinders, valkyries and beasts.

Tip #4
8/22/2012   (#1) Tip By: hiflyer
LHBH? I throw my Wolf (mid) with a slight hyzer and let it flip over and head left for me. Understable or super stable (straight) is good here, otherwise you'll have a looooong uphill approach. As DocHaole mentioned, be mindful of the OB area and Mando, i.e get it out there, but not too far or you'll most likely roll down toward the lake.

Tip #5
11/29/2012   (#1) Tip By: lion
Slight downhill shot. For advanced players that are right handed and throw primarily backhand I would recommend a midrange for the straight position on the slanted hill. For the short position I would throw a fairway driver or a firebird with a hard skip or spike hyzer to get to the short left position. A spider or cro are good types of discs for the long position.

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