Houston, TX 
Windwood Presbyterian DGC Share
Uploaded By: Tarazarr   (Taken 1/2010)
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Tip #1
4/2/2012   (#13) Tip By: srm_520
The gully is always full of water, but the best look at a stright shot to the basket is from the other side unless you anny in pretty good. Look for the hardened bags of concrete in two different spots if you need to cross. Most difficult hole on the course.

Tip #2
5/10/2013   (#13) Tip By: Fett2oo5
Gully on the left and dense tree/brush on the right, your best bet is a long straight shot with a right hook at the end. If you can't rip a 450-500 ft.straight, then your first shot should land as straight ahead of you as possible. You can air it out to the left but make sure it lands in front of you. Then finish off with a right fade to the basket.