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Uploaded By: timg Hole #4
4 / 248ft.   3 / 248ft.   3 / 283ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #4 Short Tee

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Tip #1
3/30/2012   (#4) Tip By: DiscGolfer947
If your going for the birdie your gonna have to throw up and over. I, LHBH, take an Aviar on a big anny and usually get it close. Or you can just play it safe and take a short shot up to the bend then towards the basket.

Tip #2
6/7/2015   (#4) Tip By: BensonSmooth24
-this is an ideal hole for tomahawking, the hole is to the left, but the middle is entirely woods, while not very thick to the sides, they are thick if you're going towards the hole, so trying to go around it with a tomahawk is smart
-for a normal throw, you can play it safe and curve it short and left down the closer path to the left of the wooded center, or be risky and throw farther to the right path, the right path has a better lane to the basket, so it's a risk worth taking