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Pineville, LA 
Fort Buhlow DGC Share

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Tip #1
6/2/2012   (#15) Tip By: Luddy
One big tree growing thorns stands in your way. Go left or right around it. I chose a thumber and landed 15' from the pin. It's somewhat down hill so you get a little extra distance. If you find a 167g Star Boss under that thorny tree, call the number, I'll pay for shipping. My first thumber was a bit low and got stuck in the top of it.

Tip #2
1/24/2013   8/21/2012   (#15) Tip By: Doofenshmirtz
The tree in the middle of the fairway has a large hole in it. A low, well-placed shot can go through, eliminating the obstacle but forcing a long, straight drive to set up a birdie. You can go around high to the right, low to the left or straight through the big hole in the middle of the tree. Let the wind dictate your decision here.