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Tip #1
12/6/2012   11/10/2012   (#10) Tip By: Doofenshmirtz
There has been some trimming of the trees lining the bayou in October, 2012, which opened up the overwater shot. Any straight throw can put you in birdie position. Hit any of the overhanging stuff and you will lose a disc.

Tip #2
6/2/2012   (#10) Tip By: Luddy
You can see the pin straight thru a tree line. There's a creek following that entire line, DON'T DO IT, unless you have big cahones. Understable driver allowed to curve to the right around the tree line will leave you 30-40' out if you throw it 300'. If you attempt to go straight and miss, use a floating disc and prepare meet Aunt Ivy (poison).