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Pineville, LA 
Fort Buhlow DGC Share

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Tip #1
12/6/2012   9/28/2012   (#12) Tip By: Doofenshmirtz
Think "roller" only if you can keep the disc in the mowed "fairway." Otherwise, the crowfoot and other tall grass can make this strategy very ineffective. There are several strategies that may work, but however you slice it, you want to be on the right of the line between the tee and the basket. Ending up left will most likely cost you a stroke.

Tip #2
6/2/2012   (#12) Tip By: Luddy
There is no direct line to this pin. I can throw and thumber 300-320' and that left me 20-30' out. If you're good at a rising late heiser, you can birdie this hole. Take a walk and look for some good approach spots before teeing off. Tons of small and large trees.