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Pineville, LA 
Fort Buhlow DGC Share

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Tip #1
6/2/2012   (#4) Tip By: Luddy
Heavily wooded but with a decent window for a late breaking hieser. Use an overstable driver and keep it low and stick close to the left tree line. If the ground gives you a good skip (unlikely), you'll be in easy birdie range. Lay up at the turn and you'll be about 100' out.

Tip #2
1/24/2013   9/28/2012   (#4) Tip By: Doofenshmirtz
This hole calls for a straightforward RHFH flex shot. The fairway is "S" shaped. The tree off the front right corner of the tee is not in your way if you throw off the front left half of the tee box. Have hit the basket wth an overstable disk started out with the wing up at about a 45 degree angle.