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Pineville, LA 
Fort Buhlow DGC Share

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Tip #1
6/2/2012   (#8) Tip By: Luddy
Well placed straight shot with an over stable driver to hope for some skip. It's a little up hill and heavily wooded. Unless you get an excellent skip, expect a par.

Tip #2
5/20/2013   8/23/2012   (#8) Tip By: Doofenshmirtz
There is a narrow lane through the trees for a straight approach. A little luck and a late break can set up a birdie. The basket is only approachable from the right and cannot be seen from the tee. It is about 20' past and 20' to the left of the two large pines at the top of the hill. The perfect shot will go through the narrow gap between the "V" made by two large trees near the bottom of the hill - yes that little gap.