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Tip #1
6/2/2012   (#9) Tip By: Luddy
How's your roller? Any high anny shot or forehand drive and you might hit the highlines. A straight drive for 350' held close to the right tree line gets you in good position. A roller with a final right turn out can get you in birdie position.

Tip #2
5/20/2013   8/13/2012   (#9) Tip By: Doofenshmirtz
Forget the roller unless the crowfoot grass has been mown. A long straight forehand shot, with an overstable disc and started off at a downward angle to avoid the power lines can get you close. A low turnover shot with an understable driver with plenty of glide and that breaks at the right time can put you under the basket, but it has to be perfect. With a strong south wind, just try to get in position to make par.