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Pineville, LA 
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Tip #1
6/2/2012   (#13) Tip By: Luddy
Straight ahead the outcropping on the left is where you want to land. It's 300-320' for the tee. If you have a good thumber, you can land farther out to the right to go over the tree line. There is a small window to throw through at the bridge. This hole is a 90* dogleg left at 300' out.

Tip #2
8/19/2013   8/21/2012   (#13) Tip By: Doofenshmirtz
There are four strategies used by locals:

1. If you have 450' of distance, throw a long backhand throw that fades over the tree line near the bridge;

2. If the wind is coming out of the southwest, throw over the trees nearer the tee box. This will leave you with basically another drive to get in putting distance;

3. For lesser arms, throw a perfectly placed throw that lands in front of the crossing area and then throw through; and,

4. Throw a mid range off the tee to a point about 75 feet short of the crossing and then throw an tomahawk or thumber over the lowest point in the tree line (this is the most consistent approach).

This is a par 4 hole improperly marked as a par 3.