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Lawson Adventure Park Dumont, CO


Lawson Adventure Park is a short, par 3 course playing along the base of the mountain behind the resort facilities. There's 18 holes here with substantial elevation used throughout. This is a pretty quick play and is located only a couple minutes off the highway.

The terrain is pretty perfect for disc golf. It's heavily wooded and very hilly so it's still a challenge even with the short distances. It's basically ace run central out here. This is a great mountain course for beginners. The design is well done for the most part, especially for the little bit of space that was available.

The flow of the course is pretty simple to follow. No long walks between holes and it plays away from any of the other activities happening out here. They provide a solid course map and scorecard at the clubhouse when checking in. The map is very accurate, as is Udisc if you'd prefer to use the map there. Very hard to get turned around out here, much less lost.

The tee pads are all mulch. They vary in size with no rhyme or reason. Some are wood framed "standard" sized pads while most are just large enough to take a stance to throw a standstill. Standstill drives are really all that's needed out here anyways so not really an issue.

No tee signs, but there's logs with the hole number painted onto them along the edge of each tee. Basically every basket is visible from the tee so any kind of map is just overkill.

Doubtful that the course is ever very busy, if at all.

Discs for rent in the clubhouse if you need them. Not sure what kind, but nice that they offer them. Apparently it's $10 per person to play but my wife and I weren't charged anything since we had our own discs. I'll take it obviously, but plan on having to pay.


The baskets. Man oh man are these things terrible. They're some kind of portable things you'd probably get off of Amazon or something. Very cheaply made. Super thin chains, many of which are no longer fully attached. Even the ones that are don't do a good job of catching any kind of putts. These are just really bad baskets in general when in good condition. The fact that none are in good condition just makes it worse. This could be a fun little ace run course. The baskets don't want to catch putts, much less drives though.

The tee pads aren't uniform here. They're all kind of just random. None of them are very good either.

Hole 18 drops you off about as far away from hole 1 as is possible. It's not that long of a walk or anything, but mildly annoying.

Lots of rollaway potential here. Very rocky terrain and steep hillsides. Speaking of the rocky terrain, it's extremely treacherous out there. Lots of loose rocks and tripping hazards. Be sure to watch your footing and take your sweet time. By far the slipperiest course I played up in the mountains on this trip.

Like I mentioned above, apparently it's $10 a person to play. They didn't charge us anything, but $10 is extremely steep for the quality of golf you get here.

Other Thoughts:

There's decent potential for this course. Unfortunately it doesn't quite deliver on that potential. This one is still a pretty fun little putter course though. Very unpolished and one of those courses that feels more like an afterthought. Play it if you must, but by all means find a better option if you only have time for one round.
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Muenster DGC Muenster, TX


-discatchers in mostly good condition, a few leaners
-tees marked by small turf pads
-shorter more wooded holes and longer more open holes
-fairly intuitive navigation and tags attached to the bottom spokes of the basket indicating direction to the next tee


-no signs
-walking paths in play on holes 4-7
-hole 7 is a weird short line over a shallow valley with a too low ceiling
-no turf pad on hole 9 anymore? it was getting dark but i didn't find it

Other Thoughts:

This course has a few distinct kinds of holes: shorter ones near the creek with mature trees (1-2, 8-9), longer more open holes (3-4), and shorter but low ceiling holes (5-7). It makes the most of the land available and offers a variety of challenges for the average red to white level player.

The lack of signs is unfortunate but navigation is easy enough once you get started. The walking paths come into play on holes 4-7 so you may have to wait a bit. Like it's neighbor Lindsay Park, it seems to be well-used by pedestrians. Also like it's neighbor, it makes the best of the land available without any wow factor but unlike Lindsay you never play across the creek.

This course has some fun throws and demands a few different skills but it doesn't offer enough to justify going out of the way. It pairs well with Lindsay and Moffett for the course bagger passing by on I-35 and offers another locale to stop in (out of many) if you're breaking up the drive from OKC to DFW.

**Like this review? Hate it? Message me and let me know why! I want to make them better!**
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Kiwanis Park Hays, KS


6 good DGA baskets
large cement tee pads
Plenty of space to work on your drives


no tree's in the middle, you would have to throw to the side to have trees

Other Thoughts:

6 baskets and 2 tee pads. The baskets are 3 on the north and 3 on the south. There is not much space between the baskets so it really doesn't matter.

There are markers showing distance on the ground between.

If you need to work on your distance, or want to try out a new disc, this is actually a decent spot with a restroom nearby.

Would I play here again? Nope, if I lived closer to here than once of the courses, I might work on my distance here or practice my putting. But there is no reason to go out of your way to go here.
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Lindsay Park Lindsay, TX


-discatchers in mostly good condition, a couple have a little lean
-nice concrete tee pads
-signs are great; hole number, diagram, distance
-lots of trees and low ceilings force you to choose a lane to the basket
-small creek comes into play on at least half the holes


-the long walk to holes 5 & 6 is the obvious flaw for this course. it's not that far but it's just annoying enough.
-the mandos don't add to the course's safety nor to the interest of the hole. the mando on hole 1 is the only one i would keep. the mando on hole 6 is stupid.
-many pedestrian paths that are directly in play, i waited a number of times

Other Thoughts:

The course at Lindsay Park is better than I expected it to be. There are plenty of mature trees that force you to pick a lane and often have low ceilings. There is a small creek that was almost completely dry when I played but could add some pucker factor in the spring. The pads and signs are great and the baskets are still in pretty decent condition.

The course does seem a bit crammed into this small park and there are lots of pedestrian paths in play on nearly every hole. The layout does the best it can to take advantage of the creek and the undulating land around it but you definitely have to be mindful of sharing the space. The biggest flaw is the separation of holes 5 & 6 to an area down the block from the main course/park area. You will walk right past tee 7 after basket 4 and walk down the block on a small street to get to holes 5 & 6, a pair of 400' holes, the latter with a really lame mando.

There are plenty of birdie opportunities for the experienced player. Newer or younger players could enjoy this course but might be a bit intimidated if there is water in the creek. This course can be paired easily with Muenster and Moffett for a short course bagging excursion if you're passing by on I-35. I wouldn't go out of my way to play here but I wouldn't be disappointed if this were my local, small town course.

**Like this review? Hate it? Message me and let me know why! I want to make them better!**
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Ditto Farms DGC Hagerstown, MD


+ DISCatchers catching well / concrete tees / 4 layouts / free to play / restroom on-site / course map available on-site & tee signage is about as good as it gets

+ The course is situated away from other park features, with great variety in distances and decent variety in shots needed. Very well maintained, especially for a wooded course

+ Elevation present is used to great effect and on more than one hole I had to stop and take in the scenery. 14's basket placements in particular were a lot of fun. I found myself needing to think about my shots several times. From the short tees it became a distance-control game on some holes, which is challenging for me in general. Throw in the wooded nature of the course and I found a nice mental game taking place as well.

+ The only other group on the course was a quartet of, I assume, locals who were nice enough to let me play through


- If you've read other reviews you can probably say it with me: No benches. Not a one. Lack of tee-side amenities in general.

- Also as stated in other reviews, the first couple holes and 18 basically ferry you to and from the course-proper and are much different than the rest of the course. Having some open bombers placed among the shorter, wooded holes would have been a bit more engaging but as bookends they feel out of place. Not sure what the solution would be to that though.

Other Thoughts:

I read the previous reviews both before and after playing here, and for the most part, I could sum this whole review up just by saying "Ditto", but where's the fun in that?

Ditto Farms has been in my sights for years - part of what had become an annual tradition of planning and then cancelling a road trip to the Gulf Coast was, of course, to map out what courses I wanted to bag along the way. Near 95? Check. 18+ holes? Check. Free-to-play with a more than decent rating? Check and mate.

What I found when I got there on an early Monday morning was a nice, spacious municipal park with plenty of parking and a nice large map on the bulletin board inviting me onward. A bit of initial confusion was dismissed by a helpful parks employee pointing me to Tee #1. Though I had been hoping to play here for a while, I was still on a bit of a schedule so opted to play the short tees to short baskets. It was a bit wet out from overnight rain, though clearing, a little muggy & buggy. Playtime was 1.25 hours (I wasn't rushing, but I also wasn't lingering).

The first couple holes are pretty open, but you're quickly led into the woods for a trek up, down and thru mature forest, gorgeous tall trees abound. Make sure to look down also though, as it's easy to get tripped up in spots here. The course is well-worn in like that. I used a fair few different discs and shots - I don't recall ever thinking anything particularly negative about the flow or course design, though I don't think I was ever truly WOWed, either. #14 stands out to me - the baskets situated near each other, with one just below a stonewall and the other on top, accessible by a stone staircase. Very picturesque.

I left very happy having played it. The conditions were great for bagging (almost no one else there, decent weather, good navigation). If I lived in Hagerstown I'd be very happy to have it nearby. 4 layouts in the same place in a well maintained setting with a seemingly nice, safe park for free? Sheesh, sign me up. If I'm ever back in the area I will definitely be back to bag the long layout.

Having said all of that, I can see how with the right (or wrong) conditions/weather the course could be a trial of endurance. As stated in practically every review, there are no benches, and there's plenty of elevation to contend with. Add bugs and slippery areas and you're in for a trial. The signage is decent but that's about all you get in terms of tee-side amenities. I struggle to find cons beyond that in general I think because of my bagger's perspective.

If I were a local I might go w/ 3.5, because it IS a very good course that does have some flaws, but, for this bagger, it was excellent.
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Riley City DGC Riley, KS


Nice DD Vet baskets
Cement Tee pads
Decent flow for a small park


2 throws over a regular road
no tee signs to map
Hole 2 is too close to playground

Other Thoughts:

As I always state, I love small town courses, this is your typical one I really enjoy playing.

This course is mostly open, not too long, great for new players.

There is nothing telling anyone not using the "app" where the holes are located. There are tee pads, but no markings to which holes you are throwing too.

The first hole starts behind the parking area up near the school and is the longest hole on the course.
2nd hole is too close to the playground, but had a couple of guardian trees to make it interesting.

hole 3 throw across the road with a creek on the left.

hole 4 has the creek to one side, the more open shot is a nice turnover shot, the hyzer has a few trees to navigate.

Hole 5 is very short little turnover shot, because of the overgrown rough, you actually can't see the basket on the tee. This is the hole I chained out on with a classic roc.

Then a couple of typical park type pitch and putt holes.

Hole 8 throws back across the road. The basket is set far enough behind the guardian trees that you could throw a decent hyzer at is.

Hole 9 is a filler hole, wide open with the school yard on the left and the pool on the right to get you back where you started.

Would I play here again? No, I love small town courses, but this park just didn't catch me. There are some good ace run holes. It's worth collecting if your driving by or even use as a warm up before heading over to University Park for a championship course.
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University Park Manhattan, KS


Tee signs and Tee pads for every hole
Good DD Vet baskets
Great use of the elevation
Good use of the trees and natural fairways


This course is a monster for an Am or lower player
A couple of long open bomber holes

Other Thoughts:

This course is well worth the price of admission ($5) I play them all and don't aways look up the reviews or description of courses. I had no idea I was heading here to play a championship level course.

I was not all that happy about the location of hole 1, I was worried the full course was going to be all over the place, but after hole 1, the course flow was decent enough and mostly easy to follow.

There are several holes that you can't see the basket from the tee. Some like hole 7 are on the next hill over, though the woods. Another hole has you throwing from one hill and over the next hill way over 1000ft. Needless to say, I took a 6 on hole 7 and was very happy with my 5 on the 1000ft hole.

There is a 9 hole ball golf course here that is maintained with better mowing. It has old school hard sand greens. But it did not look like it gets used much, and the check in log only had disc golfers listed that I could see.

This is a course that you really need to play once before you attempt to shoot well on it. So many holes are true par 4's and even a couple of par 5's for most of us. Although I would like to see a Simon throw a giant anti at hole 7 over the woods.

Would I play here again? Oh yea. while mostly open, this course is VERY challenging and not because it has some long holes. Disc placement is very important.
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Blue Rapids DGC Blue Rapids, KS


Course sign with map
Cement Tee Pads
Nice DD Vet baskets
Decent use the park topography


Blind shot around a building
Might get congested with other park users.
No tee signs

Other Thoughts:

If you know me, you know this is my favorite kind of courses to play.

Old city park with a pitch and putt course in it.

This one did not disappoint.

You start of with a little shot with sort of a tight line to hit.

Hole 2 is next to an old water crossing with some interesting stone work. Not sure how old it is, but it looks very old.

Hole 3 throws back towards hole 1's tee, but it does throw THROUGH a swing set.

After this, the next few holes are just you classic park style holes. Slight elevation used, creek used.

I really liked hole 7, is a reachable turnover to a basket you can't see. Turn it over too much and you are in the creek.

Hole 8 would be the signature hole, not because of the fairway, you throw over a creek with an old single lane bridge, around a livestock building to a basket in a nice green area with a round barn behind the basket. (see pictures) This barn was built in 1916 and is part of the county fair grounds. In fact, there are electric hookups on a couple of the holes so you probably would not be able to play this course when an event is going on.

Walk around the barn to tee 9 throwing off a slight hill down to the basket with a creek to your left. Then it is a slightly long walk back to hole 1. The "other" app shows the practice basket as hole #9, I guess you could play that as a hole 10 or skip 9's basket for better course flow.

Would I play here again? For a quick round if I was driving though, yep, I would consider stopping here again. I would not recommend driving out of the way, but it is a decent small town 9 hole course.

(side note, Apparently downtown's circle town square was on Ripley's Believe it or Not and is the only round town square in Kansas)
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Black Squirrel DGC Marysville, KS


Course Kiosk has map and information on the course
Nice new Veteran baskets
Nice mix of holes with some risk reward shots
Black Squirrels


Might be one of the most dangerous courses I have played, it's up there in the top 5 for sure.
No tee signs, but I was able to find all the tee's

Other Thoughts:

Ok, I happen to LOVE small town courses, actually the more compact the park, the more I tend to enjoy them.

Most of the time I am playing in the middle of the day and no one else is using the park. HOWEVER this park was in heavy use. A lot of people where walking the path and if you look at the pics I posted, you will see that not only are the walking paths used as tee pads, 2 of the holes throw down the sidewalk. And yes, I had to wait on both holes for people to walk down the fairway before I could throw my shot.

The Path is on an old railroad track, the course does make good use of this slight elevation on a couple of the holes.

There is also a line of medium size trees along this hill that come into play.

hole 2 is kind of an island shot, the basket is across the park road near the parking lot. Again, a truck came and stopped and I had to throw around him. Of course he moved right after I threw.

holes 6 and 7 are the longest holes Hole 6 is a decent distance hole with the park road on the left and the Sidewalk/path on the right.

hole 7 was not quite as good. I could not see a line. Several very large trees made up the fairway and I didn't see a fairway. I wound up kicking off a tree into the street. On top of that, there is a Black Squirrel monument and information signs about the history of the Black Squirrels in the city on the left side of the fairway.

Holes 8 was an ok hole, wide open, but a dogleg to the right for a big turnover shot.

Then hole 9 was just boring. Wide open shot where only overthrowing would be bad, although the playground is off to the left, an errant throw could go there.

Would I play here again? Actually if I was driving though town, I would consider stopping here again. It's a fun little pitch and putt course with a couple of fun holes, you just have to watch out for other park users.

It is 1000X better than the course on the other side of town, that is for sure.
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Sam Houston Elementary DGC Maryville, TN


Fun little layout
Great for children
Great for beginners
Plenty of ace opportunities
Great use of elevation


Baskets are in terrible condition
No actual tee markers
Par's are definitely off
Limited times you can play the course

Other Thoughts:

Sam Houston Elementary School in Maryville Tennessee is home to a short kid-friendly and beginner-friendly 9 hole disc golf course. First of all, I have to give the school props for allowing the children at the school to have disc golf available for them. Schools with disc golf courses are one of the things that I believe helps with the growth of disc golf not just now, but also in the future. With that being said, this course definitely needs some work. First of all, I am aware of the fact that this course is designed for children and I am reviewing it as a full grown man. Believe me, I took that into consideration for this review. My first issue with this course would be the condition of the baskets. They are... not in good condition. Several of them are leaning and shaky or bent in some form. The style of the baskets themselves are absolutely fine for a children's course, but they have been seriously neglected. Next, I would like to mention that there are no actual tee pads or ground markers showing exactly where to tee from. Each hole has a small tee sign in the area, but nothing shows exactly where to tee from. There were several holes that I am not sure if I played correctly just because of the positioning of the tee sign. This may be something that is just common knowledge for the children that play the course but any player from outside the area would have a difficult time deciding where to tee from. The last major complaint I would have would be with the pars that were listed on the tee signs. Most of the holes were listed as Par 2's with a couple Par 3's and one single Par 4. I can see calling them Par 2's for player like myself, but with this course being meant for children, I personally believe they should all be Par 3's. Even as an avid intermediate disc golfer, it felt weird to have Par 2's that you would have to ace to birdie. With all this being said and all things considered, I actually had a fun time playing this short little layout. I am a huge fan of short "ace run" courses just because to me, it feels like an entirely different style of disc golf to me than most permanent courses. I think of it as the "miniature golf" or "putt putt" of disc golf. I mean, who doesn't love a round of miniature golf? Apply that same mind frame to these short children's courses and I promise you will have a blast. The designer(s) of this course, whoever they may be, actually did an excellent job with the layout. They used several trees and other obstructions on most holes and had a great use of the elevation on the land. The layout was really fun for short little ace runs. Once again, I love that type of thing. If I lived in the area, I would go out to this course often with the goal of acing every hole on the course which is definitely possible. I threw a putter on 8 of 9 holes and a mid-range on the final hole just because of the elevation. In conclusion, I believe that if the school would put just a little bit of time and money into this course, it would be one of the best children's courses in East Tennessee. Throw 9 to 18 bricks in the ground to show an exact tee area and brace the baskets better into the ground (with some additional basket upkeep) and this course would be perfect for children. I have only played this course one time, but if I make it back to the area, I will definitely take my kiddos to this course to play and I believe many more families would do this with a few small improvements to the course. If you want to see this course on video please consider watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkTAbrumQ_w
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