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North Putnam DGC Roachdale, IN
Crestview Park - East Topeka, KS
Discamp DGC Cloverdale, IN
Showmen's DGC Riverview, FL
Lakeview Park Sarasota, FL
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Dretzka Park Milwaukee, WI
Score: 45
Collins Park DGC Oak Hill, WV
Score: 25
Collins Park DGC Oak Hill, WV
Score: 27
Riley City DGC Riley, KS
Score: 24
Riley City DGC Riley, KS
Score: 21

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Rathdrum Mtn. - Westwood Rathdrum, ID
Hole: 15
Hometown Hollow DGC Hometown, PA
Hole: 6
Hometown Hollow DGC Hometown, PA
Hole: 9
Hometown Hollow DGC Hometown, PA
Hole: 6
Lake Shawnee South Topeka, KS
Hole: 13

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IDGC - WR Jackson Memorial DGC Appling, GA
Tragic. That place is (was) my favorite course in the world so far.
IDGC - Jim Warner Memorial Appling, GA
Sucks to hear this. https://www.pdga.com/news/new-chapter-idgc-update?fbclid=IwAR16-R8Dd5qxqj7d2mkNC4ZyLi9W78dAcYlTQkzf6DWPLR5hoVacjd_IyG0
Vicksburg Rec. Area Vicksburg, MI
I don't know for sure anymore. Back when my kids were young I knew the young guy who was in charge of that church's youth program and...
Cold Brook Park Climax, MI
This got a laugh out of me! I was just watching some of the MVP Open coverage.
Camp Cale DGC Hertford, NC
Within easy reach, should be able to bag it soon.

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Glitch 1 7 0 0 The Gyro P/A & Catch Lid Discs
I also think the r2 has less glide, it seems to fall faster. Pulled out a fresh ish 144g chance stad neutron one. I kept thinking the...
The Cubic Zirconia Club General Disc Golf Chat
That is true, his highest numbers are in between my two higher course bagging periods. Good to have you back Shaddy. Hit me up if your...
Appropriate use of Drop Zones Course Design
I think we're talking about different things, sorry... I was only referring to island holes, not a long hole with a double mandy where...
Where are you going in 2023? Vacations & Road Trips
Good grief. If you planned a fall Highbridge trip, you could NOT order better weather. The colors up in this neck of the woods are...
HOD 9/12/2023: Willow Valley Hole #3 Richmond, RI Hole of the Day
I very much enjoyed this course... Probably go with star roadrunner off the tee just trying to hit that gap. Z buzzz rhbh I'm guessing...

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Online disc store General Disc Golf Chat
Is there one really good site to purchase discs from online, someone included a link to OTB in CA and their prices & shipping looked...
USWDGC 2023 Tournaments & Leagues
Starts today, , The F9 looks really hard https://www.udisclive.com/#! Bad start for Cat again. . and really bad for Kona. . Hope Silva...
Another newbie question General Disc Golf Chat
I’m trying to determine the flight path of various discs, overstable (left) stable (straight) and understable (right) while regardless...
HOD 9/21/2023: The Barn B&B Hole #8 Valley Falls, KS Hole of the Day
The Barn B&B in Valley Falls, KS 392 ft. Tee Tee Basket to Tee
Savannah/Charleston/Myrtle Beach/Wilmington+ - August 2023 - 51 Courses Vacations & Road Trips
51 courses 730 holes (14.3 holes per course) 723 holes scored -309 (I adjust all pars to pro par) -7.69 per 18 holes I eclipsed 100+...

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