Tips for playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Game walkthrough #074

In this mission you will find ten minisets, one character token, and one Stan Lee in the game Peril. As previously mentioned - look for collectibles in free movement mode. The mission takes place in one location, so you don't have to search for all the secrets in the order listed below. Don't panic if you miss a secret - you can always return to it.

Mini-set No1

The first mini-set you get when you destroy the five silver statues in the picture. Three of them are located at the place where you start the mission, and two more are farther in the location.

Mini Set No2.

Go left and use Dr. Strange's abilities to move the necessary items from the nearest container to the car. After dropping the third container you can build the second mini-set of bricks.

Mini-set No3.

On the left side you will find a control panel. Use it as Miss Marvel and go through the maze to stop the laser field. Once it is stopped, you may notice a golden shield on the circle. Destroy it with your Iron Man lasers. Then go up in the air and collect the third mini-set.

Character Token - Inferno.

Go to the right and use the grid in the wall, playing as Miss Marvel. On the other side you will find another character token - Inferno.

Mini Set No4.

On the balconies above you will find two pens located on opposite sides. Your task is to get two characters to hang from them at the same time. Once you do, the container in the middle will open and you can pick up the fourth miniset.

Mini-set No5.

Now go to the right side. You will find two switches and a spinning wheel. Your task is to position the red lights horizontally. To do this, you need enough time to press down on the floor plates. Then use the handle in the wall to break up the entire structure. You will gain access to the fifth mini-set.

Mini-set No6.

The sixth mini-set is in the second part of the location. Go to the left side and use the platform to make Miss Marvel turn into a ball. Your task is to position the table so that the ball falls from top to bottom.

Important: When the ball lies on the blue connectors, you must move the entire table so that the ball bounces off them and hits the switch above. Don't worry if you don't succeed on your first try. 

Controlling the design is counterintuitive, and it will take some time to find the perfect proportions of table speed. The ideal position for hitting the ball is exactly between the two blue jacks.

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