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    What is this abomination?

    I rarely post. Gave myself time to get used to the new look and figure out where all the stuff I care about was at. I think it will be fine in the end and be different enough from all the social media platforms. But that logo is dog doo. It's a disc golf website, that green thing just looks...
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    European Open 2023

    That is funny because these European events have been the ones I have watched more attentively and been more entertained by this year(watching live and/or post produced) than anything that has been put out previously. For me the time zones work out perfectly for evening viewing so that probably...
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    Post a cool disc golf photo

    That's really awesome. I'm hoping to hit up Hyzer Creek while I'm back in the States this summer. It's the first proper course I ever played over 10 years ago.
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    Stop using the power pocket, Stop it!

    Tyler Brickley might be one of the better ones. Got some skits, parody commentary. Made me giggle.
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    What would you want to see in an unsanctioned event that isnt allowed in a PDGA event

    I mean if you wanted to go really nuts with it you could. Go with caddied and solo runs, that'll play into how many discs you want/need to load up on. Categorize into short, middle and long distance challenges. 4-6 is a 'sprint', 7-12 is a 'middle distance', 13-18 is 'long distance' Is there...
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    Latitude 64 DG Workout

    I had similar thoughts around the basic strength movements you mentioned. This material as a standalone work out might not be quite enough to build the strength that a player might want to couple with proper form and technique for best results. I think I may give it a go. The weather where...
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    Latitude 64 DG Workout

    I'd love to but I'm just a far away geographically speaking.
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    Latitude 64 DG Workout

    What do we think?
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    Holding your breath while throwing?

    While a lot of strength training movements do require the lifter to brace their core to protect their spine I'd be a little careful applying the concept directly to disc golf as those strength movements generally occur only in the vertical plane and are not as dynamic as a disc golf throw which...
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    Is it normal for 2 people in your group of 3 to be blasting music from speakers?

    Depends on the situation for me. Casual or tag rounds w/ the usual gang and some a well curated play list can be a nice addition to the atmosphere. Tournament play, no thanks. Put your ear buds in. 2 separate sound tracks being blasted simultaneously on the same card in any setting, that's a...
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    Jacky Chen - Winner of 2020 Asia Open

    Looks like Jacky will be on Jomez for round 1 of the LVC with Nate Sexton, Ezra Aderhold and James Conrad. Also he makes a very brief cameo on the new Mic'd Up Practice round around the 25 min mark.
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    Jacky Chen - Winner of 2020 Asia Open

    No footage yet, not sure there was any. Nate Perkins played a practice round with him, footage is ok.
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    Jacky Chen - Winner of 2020 Asia Open

    Top 5 finish is solid. He'll want to up his game for LVC though. Field will be a little stronger.
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    Jacky Chen - Winner of 2020 Asia Open

    Seems to have bounced back a bit. Currently sitting tied for 2nd at the Wintertime Open 2 off the lead.