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    Underrated Putting Putter?

    I played with a guy at DGLO this year who putted with a black Buzzz. He hit some long ones, too.
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    [Innova] Forehand disc to compliment my Sexton or Star Firebird slot.

    Try a Rask. If you gel with the feel, it will go straight before turning right with a big flare skip. Not everyone likes the extra rim on the underside of the Rask though.
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    [Discraft] The Zone GT Megathread

    Right now I like the Zanger for backhand and the Zinger for forehand. Lots of throws left before any decision, but that's where I'm at.
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    Is it Cheating???

    For me, Advil is Vitamin A1 and Aleve is Vitamin A2.
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    Stop asking if you are outside the circle!

    By playing in a tournament, you cannot be left "out of it." You are required to make decisions about stuff like this. Get over whatever made you think that you have no responsibilities outside of your own game during your round.
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    Cold weather gloves ?

    I don’t wear gloves for use while throwing, although Frictions Gloves exist. I wear a light glove on my non-throwing hand. A handwarmer in a hoody kangaroo pocket keeps my throwing hand warm enough.
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    The Inevitable 2024 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Jordan Castro was their guy going into the pandemic, and he's still on the team.
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    JomezPro Acquired by DGPT

    His ad reads look like hostage videos to me.
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    Playing with your dog ideas?

    Yeah, I read it and stand by what I posted. It was not clear to me from your post that you don’t know how to keep your dog on a leash. Now that you made that clear, keep your dog at home.
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    Playing with your dog ideas?

    If you don’t have a reliable recall command, I’d ask that you not bring your dog off leash.
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    Paul McBeth #27523

    I'm not judging the statement as good or bad. It's just not the kind of thing I expect to hear out of Paul McBeth.
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    Paul McBeth #27523

    "Of course I’m not fully satisfied with my result, I’m trying to win every event I enter, but I am pleased with my top 15 finish. If you look at the stats you can see how my physical limitations affected my game." --the least Paul McBeth thing I've seen outta him.
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    What are your favorite 2 discs in your bag to throw?

    Right now it's my Midnight Prowl 2 and Sky Walker (FD1). They're the two newest discs in my bag. Coincidence? (I'm falling back in love with my SVEA, but she's a fickle mistress)
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    Best Disc Golf Sunglasses????

    Not cheap, but Ombraz don't have arms--they stay on your face by an adjustable loop. I bought them for fishing, but they work great for DG. They store really flat (no arms to fold up) so they fit in your bag or a pocket easily, too.