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    Pro vs. Am

    Pro vs AM. Pro....PDGA membership costs $75/year and you are required to be a Certified Official (might be only for certain level events) which costs another $10 but is good for 3 years. AM...PDGA membership costs $50 Pro...can accept cash AM....might receive merchandise (which can be sold...
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    Gran Canyon Lawsuit

    and with some cases, only the defense gets to request discovery - which is why the defending side rarely countersues right away - they won't have to provide anything for discovery. Then, if the defense wins, they can countersue for libel/slander/whatever. The idea is that the suing side...
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    How can local tournaments be better?

    I second the above. I've played courses where the TD has said....when there are more than one to the longest one. Well, sometimes the longest one isn't totally obvious from the tee pad. I've also seen where there are two tee pads and some players used one and some used the...
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    Ball golf is harder. Tell me I'm wrong.

    One BIG difference between ball golf and disc golf, that makes ball golf easier. Fitting. You can get fitted for clubs and even golf balls. But you have to keep trying out different discs to see what works best for you and there are SO many options that a player may never truly find the best...
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    Ball golf is harder. Tell me I'm wrong.

    You are wrong. :LOL: Have you seen the rule books for each one? Sheesh, ball golfers need a caddy just for the rules book. Seriously though, I've played ball golf since 1985 until I found disc golf in 2019. Been a disc golfer since.
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    Physical and Mental Fatigue and Overload

    Well, I tried the 'horseshoe' putt and it's still a work in progress....I don't know if it will really work out for me, but I'm giving it a try. It worked great in my backyard and at the practice basket before league, but during league....not so great missed way too many putts. The issue was...
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    [Latitude] Opinions on glow

    I have an Eclipse MVP Reactor that I keep in my bag for when league play goes to long and it gets dark. I 'charge' it with an UV flashlight so I don't mess up my night vision. I've found it keeps its glow longer than other brands do.
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Part VI)

    I was doing some field work yesterday and was throwing my understable discs....Uplink, Signal, and Paradox. Finally figured out how to get the Uplink and Signal to hyzer flip and, dang they went a long ways. I can now hyzer flip them both backhand and forehand. I finally got the Paradox to...
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    Struggling with putting

    Putting is a pain. There are so many different things you can do putting....sheesh, there is spin putting, push putting, combinations of those, turbo putting, forehands, scoobies. You can stagger putt with your dominant foot forward (right foot forward for a righthanded putter), stagger putt...
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    How often do you change your bag

    I rarely switch the molds in my bag now that I'm throwing MVP/Axiom. But I used to switch discs in and out depending on how they worked for me or if I found a need. For example: let's say my Hex stops 'working' for me. I might try the Buzzz and the Rift to see if one will work better for me...
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    [PDGA Major] Champions Cup 2024

    Flight Tracker!!!
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    [PDGA Major] Champions Cup 2024

    Hey, seeing Pros use streamers on their discs in the snow isn't buzzkill......I'd love to see it. The streamer would affect the flight....think how cool it would be to see pros discs flying weird because they've got streamers attached.
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    Physical and Mental Fatigue and Overload

    Do you have a video of that putt? I'm open to trying it, but not quite sure how to do it.
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    Physical and Mental Fatigue and Overload

    I have never heard of that type of putt. Do you have a link to a video of it? I'm open to trying anything to improve my odds of making putts.
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    Rain jacket

    One thing I suggest (and practice myself) is to do field work and some course work using whatever gear you would use for inclement weather before you have to play in that weather. I have Friction Gloves and I did some fieldwork with them and even played a round. I found that I tended to grip...