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Recent content by blayed

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    Cole Redalen vs Paul McBeth - Slingshot

    Yes, also to add varying degrees of athleticism. There are people whose bodies will never get into the correct positions and never throw far despite doing most things right. There are also people who can outthrow us with crude form but out-of-this-world athleticism
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    Cole Redalen vs Paul McBeth - Slingshot

    Brodie is extremely ER dominant you can see he walks very duck footed. But I think he’s so ER dominant that it explains the weirdness you’re talking about
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    Cole Redalen vs Paul McBeth - Slingshot

    The ER/IR discussion comes up from time to time. It seems as though a lot of people here/players are ER dominant. What about those of us who are IR dominant? I am extremely pigeon toed and pretty IR dominant. What are some of the things that I need to watch out for in a backhand form? One...
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    HOD 10/24/2023: Narrows DGC Hole #4 Riverside, CA

    I have parked this hole with a discmania essence
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    How Simon Lizotte Throws So Far

    That's why I dont even agree 100% that her form/technique is "not exactly perfect". Maybe its perfect for her body. If you look at her PDGA page and her earnings and wins this year it certainly delivers results ... can't ask for more than that
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    How Simon Lizotte Throws So Far

    Paige Pierce is like 90lbs soaking wet and has thrown 500ft in a distance comp before. IMO I think she has by far the best form and mechanics in FPO ...
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    Have power, want more control

    How do you get the disc to drop lower in transition? Or put another way what causes the disc to rise in transition?
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    Online disc store

    OTB has always free shipping with promo code Ezra ...
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    Spin vs Speed

    In @Sheep 's defense, there's no real downside to engaging with more and more coaches. I think josh's content has improved significantly since he's started talking to chris taylor/andrew/brychanus. I think we're a little spoiled here because a forum, by its nature, allows a free exchange of...
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    Classifying Shot Shapes/Types

    100% Flex is an overstable disc thrown with anhyzer. S-shot or s-curve is a disc that turns and then comes back. @Sheep to be fair there are tons of destroyers that hyzer flip naturally. I have a ricky 2x star destroyer that gets quite a bit of turn. Also, I would consider a roller a forced...
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    HOD 9/11/2023: Clement Farm DGC Hole #13 Haverhill, MA

    FH up the left with halo wraith
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    Does anyone notice a difference in F2 Star plastic?

    The plastic has changed over the years. When you get F2's you don't know if you're getting new or old plastic or what run. The older innova plastic tends to be stiffer than the new stuff. FWIW I prefer the stiffer stuff
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    Slower distance drivers for beginner field work?

    I do all my fieldwork with a stack of cheap putters, in my case 300 plastic PA-3s. They are $8 apiece on the prodigy store on amazon when you buy a 5pack. If you do fieldwork a lot you will lose discs. Neutral discs are nice because they show you exactly what flight you put onto it. Also they...
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    Backhand vs Forehand spin rate (TechDisc)

    I think it was @Sheep who told me that for BH roughly half of the disc constitutes a "lever arm" whereas on a sidearm its only roughly a quarter of the disc, which seems right. That's why generating spin and reducing OAT is so important on a FH but basically trivial on a BH.
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    [Innova] Alien

    I have one in nexus it works nice as a stable midrange. I have not had any issues with releases, I find it to be pretty reliable. I do not like it for forehand