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  1. DFrah

    Review by DFrah in course Lincoln Park

    3.00 star(s) "Good" feels about right here! Lincoln Park is in Charlotte, MI. Other than a fenced-in skatepark area, the park appears to be entirely given over to 24 holes of disc golf. I'd say this course is catered towards recreational players, but there are a decent mix of challenges. The front nine is...
  2. DFrah

    Post a cool disc golf photo

    Some posters I saw advertising the opening of the first disc golf course in NYC!
  3. DFrah

    First Diamond Trusted Reviewer!

    Mine is about the same too I think.
  4. DFrah

    Review by DFrah in course Lake Alliance Park

    1.50 star(s) Leave this one to the birds! Lake Alliance Park is located southwest of Lansing, MI. The disc golf course here plays generally clockwise around the lake. It would be easier to start with Cons, but the Pros I can think of are: - Hole 4 is a 250' throw that requires a water carry of maybe 200'...
  5. DFrah

    First Diamond Trusted Reviewer!

    3rd! I may or may not have an unofficial one I designed myself. 🤫 Official DGCR/DGCR TR merch is something I'd be very interested in.
  6. DFrah

    First Diamond Trusted Reviewer!

    Yeah - respectfully, my $0.02 is that the format with the most recent ten reviews is fine. I think if wolf or PG or sillybizz wants to crank out ten reviews in an evening, so be it. Makes the site look more active.
  7. DFrah

    July Update

    Ooo, I like that idea!
  8. DFrah

    DGCR Meet up - Minnesota 2024 - July 13th/14th

    It's a brewery that also has good eats and a really cool "biergarden" area. There was live jazz music the night we were there last summer. Ursa Minor Brewing | brewery & pizzeria | 2415 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN, USA
  9. DFrah

    Critters on the course you ran into...

    Saw this big guy at Fitzgerald Park the other day. I got within 10ft or so before I noticed him. He was dead frozen and a tiny part of me initially thought someone left a snake-looking toy there as a practical joke. He was right on the walking path between holes, close to where it opened into...
  10. DFrah

    Review by DFrah in course Fitzgerald Park

    3.00 star(s) Decent, but missed potential for more Fitzgerald Park is located in Grand Ledge, MI - a short drive west of Lansing. The park is home to 18 holes of disc golf, among other amenities. The first five holes here are park-style golf, with a light to heavy dose of old growth tree trunks to work...
  11. DFrah

    DGCR Meet up - Minnesota 2024 - July 13th/14th

    I was not planning on chiming in on this thread again :LOL: ...but I can second this recommendation!
  12. DFrah

    Where are you going in 2024?

    Sounds like an awesome trip! I'm going to have to get back there and play Smuggs for sure. And Trapp when there isn't snow on the ground. 😁
  13. DFrah

    Where are you going in 2024?

    It's fun!
  14. DFrah

    July Update

    Thanks for all the work! I think I noticed the improved course search. I have a couple more requests in the app. 1) When looking at a Course Info page in the app, I don't see anywhere to view the Links/Files for the course. My typical "workflow" when visiting a new course is to use the map...
  15. DFrah

    Review by DFrah in course Comfort Inn Ludington

    1.00 star(s) Two Baskets in a Field: Comfort Inn Edition I will try to keep this one short. The Comfort Inn in Ludington, MI has two practice baskets located in a field behind the hotel. A line of manicured trees between the parking lot and practice area create the sense that people are probably not staring...