• I play as often as I can, because this is my cardio!

    YouTube creator, Disc Golf, Billiards, Harmonica, Writing, Atheism Activist, Rubik's Cube, Movies, and Music. (PDGA# 81698)
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    Donovan Aris Rush
    Aug 21, 1968 (Age: 55)
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    36.7 Years
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    181 / 2.85 star(s)
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    Retired at age 50.



    Former 2010 Guinness World Record Holder for The Most Disc Golf Holes Played in 24 Hours. (1002)​

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    Playing History:
    I played some target "Frisbee" Golf in college, but really just got serious about playing Disc Golf around March of 2008. Courses are much better and the game has really evolved since the mid 80's. Using discs designed for this game has really made it much more fun. Plus, dare I say, baskets are so much better than the occasional park bench or road sign (man that damages a disc)!

    Since 2008, I learned everything I could and sought out playing with players much better than I on a regular basis. That is my best advice to anyone new to the sport, go play and learn from better and different players. I have played over 230 courses and traveled to new locations helping photograph and logging in distances on many courses with no information. Doing that will teach you a lot. I have taken time to really listen to many course designers and learned much from their perspective and I love some of the stories that they tell. Here is another piece of advice: walk your home course(s) backward. Looks at the holes from basket to tee. It will allow you to see flight paths and options you may have not seen before.

    I held the PDGA Record and the Guinness World Record for the Most Disc Golf Holes Played in 24 Hours in 2010. The record was 833 and I was able to be the first person to get over 1000 holes with 1002. I did this to help grow the sport and get it in the news. My story and a video can be seen from these threads: Dedicated Thread & Original Thread
    By the way, the pictures of my feet are not for the faint at heart. I also then helped others break my record after that, because that is how we continue to grow the sport. Keep getting it in the news. I always want to bring a positive light to Disc Golf. I really do love our community

    Course Rating:
    I love playing at different courses. Every new course is an exciting adventure good or bad courses alike. I have found, the more courses you review, the better you get at seeing what you like and how to review them. I strongly suggest after about 50 courses, to go back and update your earlier reviews. You will notice just how much better you get at doing it. I really like the variety of styles, risk/reward, technical, elevation, short and long hole variation, heavily wooded, wide-open, guarded baskets, water, and anything else a course designer can come up with.

    I like reading reviews that are not too long, but still, get me the info that tells me if I would want to play there. So I try to do this in my reviews with just a little humor in the title. I do believe the key factors that affect me the most when reviewing a course are the pros & cons, the equipment & conditions, the layout challenges & terrain, and most importantly, THE FUN FACTOR. If you don't enjoy the adventure, how can you possibly rate a course very high or tell others you should come play here? Anyway, that is how I see it.

    This site is fantastic. I feel it is the best place to help you decide what courses to play, track your scores, your discs, and hear about upcoming events. I love how we all can share what we learn and feel about our experiences on a course. This gives people of all walks of life a chance to share their views and perspectives. You can absorb the info you want and discard what you don't. Either way, you get a variety of opinions, the more the merrier!

    This is a great place to meet other players. Enjoy each other's successes and share our stories. Ok, let's face it, I love the forums for good ol' socializing, learning, and BS'ing! ;)

    Cool! Oakland Mills has been redesigned and they added another 9 holer across the river. Plus we've got a nice 18 hole course now.
    Hey man, living in mt pleasant Iowa for a short time. Let me know if you are ever back in the area.
    I will be in Mansfield the next couple of weeks. I signed up to play the Z Boaz open and thought it might be helpful to play the course before hand, hahaha.

    I saw you were marked down as a guide. If you have some free time next week or the following would you please let me know?

    Hey I'm playing bear creek in about 40 mins if you wanna join. Send me a message.
    How sweet it is to finally see that diamond!! You've deserved it for such a loooong time! Hearty congrats and I hope you go to bed with a smile tonight.
    Yeah buddy! Look for your invite to the Elite Diamond Reviewer Club. Congrats on making the top 10!!!
    I looked at the Diamond TR page and you were listed, but your badge on this page still shows Gold. Maybe I caught it before the page updated? At any rate, I hope that page was right and you move up. You deserve it.
    If you could play that one, the salt spring island one and the Roche harbor one it might be worth it, but that would add up to a bunch more in ferry rides too. Enjoy your time out there!
    I was on a boat trip anyway, so we just picked that as a spot to anchor, didn't take any of the ferries, sorry.
    how ya doin? I noticed that you were a course guide for bear creek in Grapvine, TX. I'm pretty new to the game and love it so far and would like to play this course. but i heard it was pretty difficult to navigate. if you could help me out, i would appreciate it.

    Thanks, I have a really good time seeing new places and sharing my thoughts and it's great to get positive feedback on that. Keep up the great reviews and have justa little more patience :)
    Professional Course Reviewer, that has a nice ring to it :D

    I can't imagine it'll be too long for those last unique voters to come in for you, especially with all the new people joining the site.
    Ah. Yeah, I was in the wrong on that. Gotta brush up on my "club manifestos" a bit. I sent Olorin the message as well, to be sure he saw it. :eek: :eek:


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